Stadio Danilo Martelli

Stadio Danilo Martelli
Location Mantua, Italy Italy
Owner Municipality of Mantua
Surface Grass
Broke ground 1947
Opened 1949
A.C. Mantova

Stadio Danilo Martelli is the main stadium in Mantua, Italy. It is named Danilo Martelli, a Mantuan footballer from the 1940s, who died in the Superga air disaster of 1949. It is currently used mostly for football matches and, on occasion, for concerts. It is the home of A.C. Mantova. The stadium holds 14,844 but has recently been given temporary extra seats on a metallic scaffolding for the attendance needs of Serie B. The main concrete cover was capsized by a tornado in 1977, and since then the safety of the structures has been periodically put into minor question. There have been plans to demolish it and rebuild it in a less central area of the city, while the current site was to be destined to commercial use. However, this has been recently put indefinitely off in time, due to unsolved commercial and political controversies.

Coordinates: 45°8′46″N 10°47′39″E / 45.14611°N 10.79417°E / 45.14611; 10.79417

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