Forest- and Rhine-County of Salm-Horstmar
Wild- und Rheingrafschaft Salm-Horstmar
Client of the First French Empire,
State of the Confederation of the Rhine

Coat of arms

Capital Horstmar
Government Principality
Wild- and Rhinegrave Frederick Charles Augustus
Historical era Napoleonic Wars
   Established 1803
   Mediatised to Prussia 1813
  Count Frederick given
    princely title in Prussia
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Bishopric of Münster
Kingdom of Prussia

Salm-Horstmar was a short-lived Napoleonic County in far northern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, located around Horstmar, to the northeast of Münster. It was created in 1803 for Wild- and Rhinegrave Frederick Charles Augustus of Salm-Grumbach following the loss of Grumbach and other territories west of the Rhine to France. It was mediatised to the Kingdom of Prussia in 1813 and the Wild- and Rhinegrave was awarded a princely title within Prussia three years later.

Count of Salm-Horstmar (1803–1813)

Princes of Salm-Horstmar (1816-present)[1]

  • Wilhelm Friedrich, 1st Prince 1816-1865 (1799-1865)
    • Otto I, 2nd Prince 1865-1892 (1833-1892)
      • Otto II, 3rd Prince 1892-1941 (1867-1941)
        • Philipp Franz, 4th Prince 1941-1996 (1909-1996)
          • Philipp Otto, 5th Prince 1996-present (born 1938)
            • Philipp, Hereditary Prince of Salm-Horstmar (born 1973)
            • Prince Christian of Salm-Horstmar (born 1975)
          • Prince Gustav Friedrich of Salm-Horstmar (born 1942)
            • Prince Maximilian of Salm-Horstmar (born 1979)
            • Prince Leopold of Salm-Horstmar (born 1982)
          • Prince Johann Christof of Salm-Horstmar (born 1949)
          • Prince Carlos Federico of Salm-Horstmar (born 1965)
            • Prince Constantin of Salm-Horstmar (born 1994)
            • Prince Adrian of Salm-Horstmar (born 1996)


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