Ponte Altinate

Ponte Altinate
Coordinates 45°24′32″N 11°52′43″E / 45.408904°N 11.878543°E / 45.408904; 11.878543Coordinates: 45°24′32″N 11°52′43″E / 45.408904°N 11.878543°E / 45.408904; 11.878543
Crosses Brenta River
Locale Padua, Italy
Design Segmental arch bridge
Total length 44.40 m (incl. abutments)
Width 7.77 m
Longest span 12.29 m
Number of spans 3
Construction end 1st century BC
Ponte Altinate
Location in Italy

The Ponte Altinate is a Roman segmented arch bridge in Padua, Italy. The late Republican bridge once spanned a branch of the Brenta river whose course is today followed by the street Riviera del Ponti Romani. The structure is located at the crossing with Via Altinate and, lying underground, completely obstructed from view by the modern pavement.

The rise-to-span ratio is 1:4 for the main arch and 1:3.7 for the two lateral ones, while the ratio of pier thickness to clear span is c. 1:5.[1]

Close-by is the similarly inaccessible Roman bridge Ponte San Lorenzo which is open to visitors at fixed hours though.


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