Ponte Corvo (bridge)

Not to be confused with Pontecorvo.
Ponte Corvo
(Ponte Corbo)
Coordinates 45°24′07″N 11°53′01″E / 45.401814°N 11.883706°E / 45.401814; 11.883706Coordinates: 45°24′07″N 11°53′01″E / 45.401814°N 11.883706°E / 45.401814; 11.883706
Carries Via San Francesco
Crosses Bacchiglione
Locale Padua, Italy
Design Segmental arch bridge
Total length 52.20 m (antiquity: 76 m)
Width Max. 5.32 m
Longest span 11 m
Number of spans 3 (antiquity: 5)
Construction end 1st–2nd century AD
Ponte Corvo
(Ponte Corbo)
Location in Italy

The Ponte Corvo, rarely Ponte Corbo, is a Roman segmental arch bridge across the Bacchiglione in Padua, Italy. Dating to the 1st or 2nd century AD, its three remaining arches cross a branch of the river and are today partly buried respectively walled up. The span-to-rise ratio of the bridge varies between 2.8 and 3.4 to 1, the ratio of clear span to pier thickness from 4.9 to 6.9 to 1.[1]

Besides the Ponte Corvo, there are three more ancient segmented arch bridges in Padua: Ponte San Lorenzo, Ponte Altinate and Ponte Molino, as well as Ponte San Matteo.



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