Piel de otoño

Piel de otoño
Genre Telenovela
Created by Eric Vonn
Liliana Abud
Lindy Giacoman
Written by Martha Oláiz
Tania Bertrán
Antonio Abascal
Rossana Ruiz
Directed by Lily Garza
Mauricio Rodríguez
Starring Laura Flores
René Strickler
Sergio Goyri
Sabine Moussier
Raquel Olmedo
Theme music composer Rubén Zepeda
Miguel Suárez
Opening theme Esta ausencia by David Bisbal
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 100 (Original version)
90 (International version)
Executive producer(s) Mapat L. de Zatarain
Producer(s) Marco Vinicio López de Zatarain
Location(s) Filming
Televisa San Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Madrid, Spain
Cinematography Oscar Morales
Mauricio Manzano
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 41-44 minutes
(Episodes 1-50, 71-100)
21-22 minutes
(Episodes 51-70)
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release May 9 (2005-05-09) – September 23, 2005 (2005-09-23)
Preceded by Inocente de Ti
Followed by El Amor no Tiene Precio
Related shows Cicatrices del alma (1986)

Piel de otoño (English title: Autumn's Skin) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Mapat L. de Zatarain for Televisa in 2005.[1][2][3] Is a remake of the 1986 Mexican telenovela Cicatrices del alma.

On May 9, 2005, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Piel de otoño weekdays at 5:00pm, replacing Inocente de Ti. The last episode was broadcast on September 23, 2005 with El Amor No Tiene Precio replacing it on September 26.

Laura Flores and René Strickler starred as protagonists, while Sergio Goyri and Sabine Moussier starred as antagonists. Gerardo Murguía, María Marcela and Manuel Landeta starred as stellar performances. Raquel Olmedo starred as special participation.


With the love and unconditional support of his wife Lucía (Laura Flores), Ramón Mendoza (Sergio Goyri) has progressed in his work to achieve an excellent economic position. Their two children, Liliana (Florencia de Saracho) and Miguel Ángel (Franco Gala), have attended the best schools and never have endured the shortages that their parents suffered at the beginning of their marriage.

However, Lucía is not happy; Ramón has become materialistic and cruel. He constantly humiliates her and has made it so that their children have lost respect for her. Liliana, spoiled and capricious, goes as far as to follow her boyfriend to Spain, where the boy gets her pregnant and abandons her.

Hiding the secret of her maternity, Liliana leaves her daughter Natalia in the care of some nuns and returns to Mexico, where she must steal money from her father in order to care for the baby. Miguel Ángel, for his part, is a lazy and irresponsible boy who believes that he deserves everything.

Lucía has become a shadow, an insecure and sad being that doesn't know where her dreams have gone. Her only happy moments are when, alone before her computer, she opens her heart to a twin soul who understands her, advises her, and with whom, little by little and in silence, she has been falling in love — that mysterious man whose face she can only imagine, whose voice she has never heard, and who signs his messages simply as "wind".

Her friend Rosario (María Marcela) also carries a heavy cross. She had to flee with her children because her husband is a psychopath that beat her constantly. Eduardo (Jorge de Silva) and Gabriela (Andrea Torre) don't remember how Víctor (Manuel Landeta) was in reality; Rosario let them believe that their father was a loving and responsible man who died when they were small.

This lie creates a great rift between Rosario and her children when Víctor finds them. As part of his plot, he wins the friendship of the young adults; Gabriela eventually leaves to live with him, and Rosario lives in a constant terror for her daughter's life.

The story of Triana (Raquel Olmedo) is a great story of love. Having left Spain three decades ago after discovering her husband in the arms of her best friend, she arrives in Mexico and meets Martín, with whom she lived for many years in love and happiness.

But after her beloved Martín's death, Triana finds out that she will soon be reunited with him when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. When she receives the news that her husband in Spain has died and that she's inherited his entire fortune, Triana laughs at the irony of fate.

Before dying, she makes her will and leaves Rosario her apartment in Mexico City and Lucía her inheritance in Spain. Rosario and Lucía feel great pain for the loss of their dear friend, and gratitude for her generosity.

One day, by coincidence, Lucía finds out that Liliana has a daughter, and wants to give her up for adoption. Lucía, who spent her childhood in an orphanage, will not allow her granddaughter to suffer as she did.

Determined, Lucía confronts Liliana, who refuses to admit the existence of the little girl. Lucía goes to Ramón to ask for his help, but she finds him with Rebeca (Sabine Moussier), his lover.

Destroyed, Lucía receives the final blow when her son Miguel Ángel blames her for his break-up with his most recent conquest and stops talking to her. With a shattered soul and feeling that she is a hindrance for her family, she packs her things and goes to Spain to start a new life and try to find little Natalia.

In Spain she meets three of Triana's friends: Santiago (René Strickler), a distinguished painter, and Jordi (Luis Javier) and Mayte (Yolanda Ventura), who welcome her with care and offer her a home. Santiago and Lucía feel attracked to one another immediately, but, although her heart is consumed with love for Santiago, who turns out in reality to be "Wind", Lucía is still a married woman and can only offer him her friendship.

In short time, Ramón asks for a divorce and automatically annuls their marriage. Lucía is able to restart her life with Santiago and her love for him becomes stronger, which causes the love that she had for Ramón to dissolve. While Ramón's company collapses from debts and their children's lives sink further into vice and emptiness, Lucía transforms into a new, elegant woman who is sure of herself.

Lucía discovers her talent for finance upon becoming Mayte's associate and her fortune increases. Furthermore, her happiness is immense when, with Santiago's help, she finally finds Natalia.

Now, Lucía knows that in order to be completely happy, in order to be able to turn over her body and soul to her passionate love for Santiago, she must return to Mexico one more time and confront the fears and pain that she left behind so that she can finally take out all of her illusions out of the drawer of memories and take the reins of her own destiny.

The love that Santiago has shown her has reinvigorated her autumn skin, and love never arrives too late.


  • Laura Flores as Lucía Villareal Pérez de Mendoza
  • René Strickler as Santiago Mestre
  • Sergio Goyri as Ramón Mendoza
  • Sabine Moussier as Rebeca Franco
  • Raquel Olmedo as Triana Gallasteguí
  • Gerardo Murguía as Gustavo Hellman
  • María Marcela as Rosario Ruiz de Gutiérrez
  • Manuel Landeta as Víctor Gutiérrez
  • Alejandro Ávila as Bruno Dordelli
  • Lourdes Reyes as Claudia Lambarí
  • Andrea Torre as Gabriela "Gaby" Gutiérrez Ruíz
  • Yolanda Ventura as Mayte Gómez de Samperio
  • Jorge de Silva as Eduardo Gutiérrez Ruíz
  • Florencia de Saracho as Liliana Mendoza Villarreal
  • Agustín Arana as Pablo Castañeda
  • Franco Gala as Miguel Ángel Mendoza Villarreal
  • Arancha Gómez as Nora Berumen
  • Luis Xavier as Jordi Sampeiro
  • Carlos de la Mota as Diego
  • Osvaldo Benavides as Damián
  • Ramón Menéndez as Martín
  • Francisco Avendaño as Luis
  • Gabriela Rivero as Lucrecia Durán
  • Ricardo Crespo as Juan Carlos
  • Ricardo Margaleff as Edson
  • Rosángela Balbó as Elvira Castañeda
  • Susy-Lu Peña as Alexa Riveroll
  • Archie Lanfranco as Dr. Silva
  • Mónica Garza as Carmina Rubio
  • Marco Muñoz as Lic. Alberto Díaz
  • Paola Ochoa as Conchita Pérez
  • Joana Brito as Jovita Muñoz
  • Roberto Sen as Julián Bandera
  • Sergio Jurado as Father René Ruiz
  • Yousi Díaz as Cristina Miranda
  • Luis Bayardo as Rodrigo
  • Jorge Ortín as Rafael
  • Roberto Miquel as Octavio Escalante
  • Héctor del Puerto as Enrique
  • Abraham Stavans as Arcadio
  • Fernando Carrera as Jorge Poncela
  • Patricia Romero as Jessica Rodríguez
  • Óscar Alberto López as Rafa
  • Adrián Ruiz as Eusebio Hurtado Juárez
  • Claudia Troyo as Carmina
  • Norma Iturbe as Nurse
  • Jorge Peralta
  • Mirta Renée
  • Jose Maria Negri
  • Javier Ruán
  • Arturo Lorca
  • Benjamín Islas
  • Ricardo Vera


Year Award Category Nominee Result
200624th TVyNovelas AwardsBest ActorRené StricklerNominated
Best Antagonist Actor Sergio Goyri Won
Best Leading Actress Raquel Olmedo Nominated
Best Musical ThemeEsta ausencia
by David Bisbal
Premios BravoBest Antagonist ActorSergio Goyri Won[4]

International Broadcasters of Piel de otoño

North & South America, Caribbean, Europe

DVD release

Piel de otoño was released to region 1 DVD on 13 June 2006. The series was considerable abridged in order to fit onto the three double-sided DVD set, which contains 761 minutes of footage. In addition to bonus material, the release also features optional English subtitles.


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