Palabra de mujer (telenovela)

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Palabra De Mujer
ser tu misma es el poder que necesitas para ser cada dia mas grande
Created by Nené Cascallar
Starring Edith González
Yadhira Carrillo
Ludwika Paleta
Lidia Ávila
Opening theme "Ella"
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 145
Executive producer(s) José Alberto Castro
Producer(s) Ernesto Hernández y Fausto Sáinz
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format NTSC
Original release October 22, 2007 – May 9, 2008
Preceded by Amor sin Maquillaje
Followed by Querida Enemiga

Palabra De Mujer (Woman's Word) is a telenovela remake of El Amor Tiene Cara De Mujer (Love Has a Woman's Face) was made by Televisa, starring Edith González, Yadhira Carrillo, Ludwika Paleta, and Lidia Ávila. The telenovela, a production of José Alberto Castro, premiered October 22, 2007 and ended on May 9, 2008 in El Canal de las Estrellas.


Palabra de Mujer follows the interconnected lives of four women from varied social backgrounds in Mexico City: Vanesa, Fernanda, Paulina and Matilde, all of whom work for a production company that is producing a television talk show that shares the same name as the series.

The plot begins as Vanesa approaches a female Friend, Delia, to help her establish a production company to produce quality programming for women with Fernanda, Paulina, Matilde and Irmita supporting the business venture. The television program they seek to produce becomes the motivation that Vanesa needs to rebuild her life after Julian, her husband of 22 years, left her for a younger woman. Vanesa lives with her two children, Clara and Emiliano, who are ignorant of the fact that many of the marital woes experienced by their mother and father were because they lost their first son 20 years earlier while vacationing in Spain. Since Neither Vanesa nor Julian have never truly recovered the loss of their first son, their separation has proven even more painful as it has served as a reminder of their past tragedy. Early in the story, Martin, a life long friend of Vanesa's becomes an enduring source of love and support for her, hardening tensions between herself and Clara, who is still lovingly devoted to her father.

Paulina, on the other hand, has had a relatively easy life considering she was raised in a wealthy family. However, she is still troubled at her parents' recent divorce. Though she is single and living with her embittered Aunt, her life changes dramatically when she pardons her father and moves to live with he and his new wife, Flora. She is welcomed enthusiastically by her new stepmother, but quickly finds that her stepbrother Adrián is less than enthusiastic about her, which is due primarily to the fact that he has a growing distrust of her father. The two eventually put tensions aside as they find they share more than contempt for one another, and the flames of passion ignite.

Fernanda lives alone with her teenage daughter, Bety, who also serves as her mother's best friend. Fernanda's Husband Emanuel, Bety's father, left her to marry a wealthier woman. However, Fernanda's luck changes when she meets Hernán, a rugged adventurer with lingering commitment issues. Though he has lived life by his own rules, he strives to make a new life with her.

Matilde is the creative genius who, though she hails from humbler origins (her father is a mechanic and her mother works in the market), balances her new professional life with her recent marriage to Robert, Delia's son. The series roughly follows the balance between the personal and professional lives of the four main characters. A common plot device in the program is how the women leverage professional success to gain control of personal lives that have spiraled out of control.



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