Patamona people

Not to be confused with Patamon.

The Patamuna are an Amerindian tribe, known archaeologically from pottery collections in the Yawong Valley and the upper Siparuni River in the Pakaraima Mountains of Guyana. The upper Siparuni was exploited until recently for suitable farm lands, hunting and fishing. These collections suggest an affiliation with Akawaio groups in the 19th century. The burial urn guarded by a serpent is a characteristic artifact of Patamuna pottery.

They are one of several closely related peoples called Ingarikó and Kapon.

Kaieteur Falls is an important cultural site for the Patamuna people. In their animist religion the Patamonas believe in Knaima. A spiritual being capable of only evil.

People in the village of Paramakatoi are literate in English and Patamuna.

Unlike may other tribes the Patamuna are known for eating an array of insects.

They also eat several species of edible mushrooms.[1]


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