Indigenous peoples in Guyana

Indigenous Guyanese

George Simon (Lokono) with members of the Lokono Artists Group. Left to Right: "Puffy" Clenkien, Telford Taylor, Ossie Hussein (standing), Foster Simon, George Simon and Lynus Clenkien
Regions with significant populations
 Guyana Approx. 67,331
9.1% of Guyana's population[1]
English, and Indigenous languages
Roman Catholicism, Evangelicalism, Irreligion, Native religions

Indigenous peoples in Guyana, or Native Guyanese, are Guyanese people who are of indigenous ancestry. They compromise approximately 9.1% of Guyana's population of 739,903.[1]

Contemporary groups

  • Akawaio (Acahuayo, Acewaio, Akawai, Ingariko), Mazaruni River basin and Venezuela[2]
  • Atorada, southwest and Brazil[2]
  • Auaké, Brazil and Guyana
  • Carib (Cariña, Galibi, Kalihna, Kalinya, Kariña, Kari’nja), northeast[2]
  • Macushi, southwest border[2]
  • Mapidian, southwest[2]
  • Mawayana[2]
  • Patamona, west central[2]
  • Ingarikó, Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela
  • Jaoi (Yao), Guyana, Trinidad and Venezuela
  • Kalina, Brazil, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, Venezuela
  • Lokono (Arawak), Guyana, Trinidad, Venezuela[2]
  • Macushi, Brazil and Guyana
  • Nepuyo (Nepoye), Guyana, Trinidad and Venezuela
  • Orealla, Guyana
  • Pemon (Arecuna), upland savannah, Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela[2]
  • Waiwai (Uapixana, Vapidiana, Wapichan, Wapichana, Wapisana, Wapishshiana, Wapisiana, Wapitxana, Wapixana), Amazonas, Brazil and Guyana[2]
  • Wapishana, Brazil and Guyana
  • Warao (Guarao, Guarauno, Warau, Warrau), Guyana and Venezuela[2]

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