Moro I Cabinet

The Moro I Cabinet was the Government of Italy headed by Prime Minister Aldo Moro from 4 December 1963 until 22 July 1964 for a total of 231 days, or 7 months and 18 days. The cabinet is described as an organic centre-left government.[1]

Prime Minister

Aldo Moro

Deputy Prime Minister

Pietro Nenni

Parliamentary Secretary

Angelo Salizzoni

Ministers Without Portfolio

Presidents for the Committee of Ministers for Southern Italy and the Depressed Zones Attilio Piccioni, Giulio Pastore
Parliamentary Relationships and Reforms Umberto Delle Fave
Universities and Research Carlo Arnaudi
Bureaucratic and Public Administration Reform Luigi Preti


Foreign Affairs

Minister Giuseppe Saragat
Deputy Ministers Arialdo Banfi, Giuseppe Lupis, Ferdinando Storchi


Minister Paolo Emilio Taviani
Deputy Ministers Leonetto Amadei, Guido Ceccherini, Crescenzo Mazza


Minister Oronzo Reale
Deputy Minister Riccardo Misasi


Minister Antonio Giolitti
Deputy Minister Giuseppe Caron


Minister Roberto Tremelloni
Deputy Ministers Cesare Bensi, Athos Valsecchi, Mario Vetrone


Minister Emilio Colombo
Deputy Ministers Luigi Silvestro Anderlini, Giuseppe Belotti, Lorenzo Natali


Minister Giulio Andreotti
Deputy Ministers Mario Marino Guadalupi, Guglielmo Pelizzo, Natale Santoro


Minister Luigi Gui
Deputy Ministers Maria Badaloni, Giorgio Fenoaltea, Domenico Magrì

Public Works

Minister Giovanni Pieraccini
Deputy Minister Emilio Battista, Pier Luigi Romita

Agriculture and Forests

Minister Mario Ferrari Aggradi
Deputy Minister Dario Antoniozzi, Ludovico Camangi, Venerio Cattani

Transport and Civil Aviation

Minister Angelo Raffaele Jervolino
Deputy Minister Orlando Lucchi, Salvatore Mannironi

Post and Telecommunications

Minister Carlo Russo
Deputy Ministers Luigi Angrisani, Remo Gaspari

Industry and Commerce

Minister Giuseppe Medici
Deputy Ministers Danilo De' Cocci, Franco Maria Malfatti, Maria Vittoria Mezza


Minister Giacomo Mancini
Deputy Minister Dante Graziosi

Foreign Trade

Minister Bernardo Mattarella
Deputy Minister Girolamo Messeri

Merchant Navy

Minister Giovanni Spagnolli
Deputy Minister Mariano Pintus

State Enterprises

Minister Giorgio Bo
Deputy Minister Carlo Donat-Cattin

Employment and Social Security

Minister Giacinto Bosco
Deputy Ministers Ettore Calvi, Simone Gatto, Anselmo Martoni

Tourism and Events

Minister Achille Corona
Deputy Minister Ruggero Lombardi, Pietro Micara



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