Roberto Tremelloni

Roberto Tremelloni
Personal details
Born 10 October 1900
Died 8 September 1987(1987-09-08) (aged 86)
Nationality Italian
Political party Italian Socialist Party

Roberto Tremelloni (30 October 1900 8 September 1987) was an Italian economist, academic, businessman and a social democrat politician.[1] He served in different cabinets of Italy.

Early life and education

Tremelloni was born in Milan on 30 October 1900.[2] He held a degree of economics and commercial sciences, which he received in Turin in 1926,[3]


Tremelloni was a lecturer of political economy at the University of Geneva.[3] In 1930 he became a professor of economics and business management at the Polytechnic University of Milan.[3] He was cofounded the 24 ore which was first published on 15 February 1933.[4] In 1937, he carried out a study on the textile industry of Italy.[5] He became the president of the Istituto per le Relazioni Pubbliche, founded in Milan in 1952.[6]

He was the leader of the Socialist Party and then of the Social Democrats.[7] He was also a deputy at the Italian parliament. In the 1950s he and Ezio Vigorelli led the parliament's inquiry committee on the problems of poverty and unemployment.[8] His first ministerial post was the minister of finance in the coalition cabinet led by Mario Scelba which was formed on 10 February 1954.[8]

Then he served as the minister of treasury from 21 February 1962 to 20 June 1963, minister of finance from 4 December 1963 to 21 July 1964 and from 22 July 1964 to 22 February 1966, and minister of defense from 23 February 1966 to 23 June 1968.[2] He was also a board member of the European Investment Bank when he was serving as minister of treasury.[9] From 1963 to 1968 he served at the Italian senate.[2]


Tremelloni died of a heart attack at a hospital in Bruneck on 8 September 1987.[3]


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Preceded by
Giulio Andreotti
Minister of Defence of Italy
Succeeded by
Luigi Gui
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