Berlusconi I Cabinet

The Berlusconi I Cabinet was the cabinet of the government of Italy from 10 May to 2 December 1994. The cabinet was the first right-wing and 53rd Italian government since World War II.[1] It was composed of 26 ministers and 38 under-secretaries, for a total of 64 members. Composition of the government:

Berlusconi I Cabinet
Ministry Minister Party
Prime Minister
Silvio Berlusconi
Gianni Letta
Deputy Prime Minister Roberto Maroni LN
Deputy Prime Minister Giuseppe Tatarella AN
Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Martino FI
Minister of the Interior Roberto Maroni LN
Minister of the Treasury Lamberto Dini Indep.
Minister of Budget Giancarlo Pagliarini LN
Minister of Finances Giulio Tremonti FI
Minister of Defense Cesare Previti FI
Minister of Justice Alfredo Biondi UdC
Minister of Industry and Commerce Vito Gnutti LN
Minister of Agriculture Adriana Poli Bortone AN
Minister of Education Francesco D'Onofrio CCD
Minister of University and Research Stefano Podestà FI
Minister of Health Raffaele Costa UdC
Minister of Labour and Social Security Clemente Mastella CCD
Minister of Public Works Roberto Maria Radice FI
Minister of Transports and Navigation Publio Fiori AN
Minister of Environment Altero Matteoli AN
Minister of Culture Domenico Fisichella AN
Minister of Postal Service and Communications Giuseppe Tatarella AN
Minister of International Trade Giorgio Bernini FI
Minister without portfolio (European Affairs) Domenico Comino LN
Minister without portfolio (Institutional Reforms) Francesco Speroni LN
Minister without portfolio (Parliament) Giuliano Ferrara Indep.
Minister without portfolio (Public Administration, Regional Affairs) Giuliano Urbani FI
Minister without portfolio (Family, Social Solidarity) Antonio Guidi FI
Minister without portfolio (Italians in the World) Sergio Berlinguer Indep.


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