List of ministers of climate change

A list of ministers of climate change or officials in charge of cabinet positions with portfolios dealing primarily with climate change and issues related to mitigation of global warming.

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Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister for climate change and water Penny Wong (La) 2007-12-03/2008-12-11 Rudd (La) [1][2][3][4]
Minister for climate change, energy efficiency, and water 2010-03-08/2010-06-24 [1][5]
2010-06-24/2010-09-14 Gillard (La) [5]
Minister for climate change and energy efficiency Greg Combet 2010-09-14/ [6][7][8]



Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister for climate and energy Paul Magnette (S) 2007-12/2008-03-20 Verhofstadt (O) [9][10][11][12]
2008-03-20/2008-12-11/ Leterme (C) [13][14]
2008-12-30/2009-11 Van Rompuy (C) [15][16]
2009-11-25/ Leterme (C) [17][18]



Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister for climate and energy Connie Hedegaard (C) 2007-11-23/2009 A.F. Rasmussen (V) [19][20][21][22]


 European Union

Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
European commissioner for climate action Connie Hedegaard (P) 2010-02-09/ Barroso (P)




Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Tina Birbili (P) 2009-10-07/ Papandreou (P) [26][27][28]



Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister of Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources Denis Naughten (FG) 2016-05-06 Enda Kenny (FG)


Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Ministry of Environment and Forests (India) & ICFRE
Prakash Javadekar


Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister of natural resources and environment Adenan Satem (BN) 2004-03-27/2006 Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Azmi Khalid (BN) 2006/2008
Douglas Uggah Embas (BN) 2008-03-17/2009
Douglas Uggah Embas (BN) 2009/2013-05-15 Najib Razak (BN)
Palanivel Govindasamy (BN) 2013-05-16/2015-07-29
Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar (BN) 2015-07-29/


 New Zealand

Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister responsible for climate change issues David Parker (L) 2005-10-19/2006-03-21 Clark (L) [29][30][31]
Pete Hodgson (L) 2006-03-21/2006-05-03 [30][32]
David Parker (L) 2006-05-03/2008-11-19 [29][30]
Minister for climate change issues Nick Smith (N) 2008-11-19/ Key (N) [30][33][34]
Minister responsible for international climate change negotiations Tim Groser (N) 2010-01-27/ [35]


Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister in charge of climate change Terry Coe /1997-12-09/1998-11-12/ Lui [36][37][38]
none /2007/ Young Vivian [39]
Minister of meteorological services and climate change Tufukia Talagi /2008/ Talagi [40]



Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Federal Minister of Climate Change Mushahid Ullah Khan (PMLN) 2015-06-2/ Sharif (PMLN) [41]



Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister of Environment and Climate Change Rovana Plumb (PSD) 2012-05-7/ Ponta (PSD)



Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Minister for transport, infrastructure, and climate change Stewart Stevenson (N) 2007-05-17/2010-12 Salmond (N) [42][43]
Minister for environment and climate change Roseanna Cunningham (N) 2010-12/ [44][45]


 United Kingdom

Title Minister Incumbency Under Notes
Secretary of state for energy and climate change Ed Miliband (L) 2008-10-03/2008-12-11/ Brown (L) [46][47]
Chris Huhne (LD) 2010-05-12/2012-02-03 Cameron (C) [48][49]
Edward Davey (LD) 2012-02-03/ [49]

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