List of former Nazi Party members

This article is about former members of the Nazi Party. For active present-day Nazi groups, see Neo-Nazism.
National Socialist German Workers' Party
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
Leader 1919–1920 Karl Harrer
1920–1921 Anton Drexler
1921–1945 Adolf Hitler
1945 Martin Bormann
Founded 1919
Dissolved 1945
Preceded by German Workers' Party (DAP)
Succeeded by none; banned
Ideologies continued as Neo-nazism
Newspaper Völkischer Beobachter
Youth wing Hitler Youth
Membership 1920  fewer than 60
1945  8.5 million
Ideology National Socialism
Political position Far right
Colors Black, white, red, brown

The list of notable people who were at some point members of the Nazi Party, before it was declared illegal and disbanded upon the victory of the Allies. After 1945 many former party members had to go through a process of denazification and some were indicted and convicted at the Nuremberg Trials, or other trials, notably for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Many others evaded capture or managed to escape, in particular with the help of the Odessa organization and the Vatican. In the mid-1950s, most people convicted during these trials were given amnesty and subsequently released.

Some former party members managed to obtain very important positions in West Germany after the war (e.g. Kurt Georg Kiesinger, Chancellor of West Germany from 1966 to 1969), others were recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency after the war as part of the Gehlen Organization, predecessor of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). In East Germany, the Stasi, the GDR's intelligence service, was alleged to have employed several chief informers and agents who were former SS and Gestapo operatives.[1]


Name Year Joined Resigned/ expelled (when) Membership no. Local Division Years of
Convicted (when)[note 1] Party related information
Batz, Rudolf 1934 No 2,955,905?1903-1961NoSS member from 1932
Feder, Gottfried N/A
No??1883-1941NoFounding member
Hitler, Adolf 1920No555
(55 in actuality)[2]
Munich1889-1945NoParty leader
Dietl, Eduard1919 (DAP)No[note 2]?Munich1890-1944No
Bormann, Martin1925No60,598Thuringia1900-1945Yes (1945)Chief of the Parteikanzlei since 1941
Dönitz, Karl1944
N/A??1891-1980Yes (1946)President of the German Reich
Frank, Hans1919 (DAP)No??1900-946Yes (1946)Served as the party's lawyer
Fritzsche, Hans1933No??1900-1953NoMinisterialdirektor Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda
Frick, Wilhelm1925No??1877-1946Yes (1946)Minister of the Interior
Funk, Walther1931No??1890-1960Yes (1946)Minister of Economics
Göring, Hermann1922No??1893-1946Yes (1946)Minister of Aviation; Minister of Forestry
Hess, Rudolf1920No?Munich1894-1987Yes (1946)Deputy party leader
Kaltenbrunner, Ernst1930
1903-1946Yes (1946)Director of the Reich Main Security Office; SS general
Keitel, Wilhelm1944
No?N/A1882-1946Yes (1946)Supreme commander of armed forces
Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, Gustav1940
N/A??1870-1950NoParty financier
Ley, Robert1924No?Rheinland-Süd
1890-1945NoHead of German Labour Front
Neurath, Konstantin von1937No??1873-1956Yes (1946)Minister of Foreign Affairs
Papen, Franz von1938
N/A??1879-1969 NoVice-Chancellor of Germany
Ribbentrop, Joachim von1938
No1,199,927?1893-1946 Yes (1946)Minister of Foreign Affairs
Rosenberg, Alfred1919 (DAP)No??1893-1946 Yes (1946)Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories
Sauckel, Fritz1923No1,395Schweinfurt
1894-1946 Yes (1946)Gauleiter of Thuringia; Reichsstatthalter of Thuringia
Schacht, Hjalmar1938
N/A1877-1970 NoMinister of Economics
Schirach, Baldur von1925No??1907-1974Yes (1946)Reichsjugendführer; Gauleiter of Vienna
Seyss-Inquart, Arthur1938No??1892-1946Yes (1946)Foreign Minister of Germany; Reichskommissar of the Netherlands
Speer, Albert1931No474,481?1905-1981Yes (1946)Minister of Armaments and War Production
Streicher, Julius1919No?Nuremberg1885-1946Yes (1946)Gauleiter of Franconia
Blome, Kurt1922No??1894-1969NoDeputy Leader of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Ärztebund
Fischer, Fritz1937No??1912-2003Yes (1947)SS member; Waffen SS officer
Beiglböck, Wilhelm1932No??1905-1963Yes (1947)SA member; SS officer
Genzken, Karl1926No39,913?1885-1957Yes (1947)Waffen SS general
Oberheuser, Herta1937No??1911-1987Yes (1947)
Poppendick, Helmut1932No998,607?1902-1994NoSenior SS officer; Head of Office for genealogy at RuSHA
Rose, Gerhard1930No[note 3]346,161?1896-1992Yes (1947)
Rostock, Paul1937No5,917,621?1892-1956NoCommissioner for Health and Sanitation
Brack, Viktor1929No173,388?1904-1948Yes (1947)Senior SS officer; Senior Waffen SS officer; Chief Administrative Officer in the Chancellery of the Führer
Brandt, Karl1928No1,009,617?1904-1948Yes (1947)SA officer; SS general; Waffen SS general; Commissioner for Health and Sanitation
Brandt, Rudolf1932No 1,331,536?1909-1948Yes (1947)Senior SS officer; Ministerial Counsellor Ministry of Interior; Chief of Ministerial Office Ministry of Interior
Gebhardt, Karl1933No??1897-1948Yes (1947)SS general; Waffen SS general
Hoven, Waldemar1937No??1903-1948Yes (1947)SS officer; Waffen SS officer;
Mrugowsky, Joachim1937No210,049?1905-1948Yes (1947)SA member; Senior SS officer; Senior Waffen SS officer;
Sievers, Wolfram1937No??1905-1948Yes (1947)Senior SS officer
Milch, Erhard1937
N/A??1892-1972 Yes (1947)Secretary of State Ministry of Aviation
Altstötter, Josef1937[4]No[note 4]5,823,836?1892-1979 NoSA member; Senior SS officer; Chief of civil law and procedure division at Ministry of Justice; Golden Party Badge
Schlegelberger, Franz1938
N/A??1876-1970 Yes (1947)Minister of Justice
Pohl, Oswald1922/26No30,842?1892-1951 Yes (1947)Leader of local division Swinemünde; head of WVHA; SA member; Waffen SS general
Frank, August1932No1,471,185?1898-1984Yes (1947)Deputy head of WVHA; SS general ; Waffen SS general
Lörner, Georg1931No676,772?1899-1959Yes (1947)Deputy head of WVHA; SS general ; Waffen SS general
Six, Franz ????1909-1965?Waffen SS general; SD member
Flick, Friedrich????1883-1972?
Wilhelm, Adam1923Yes (1929)??1899-1959?
Rauschning, Hermann1933Yes (1934)??1887-1982?
Strasser, Otto1925Yes (1930) ??1897-1974?
Ewald, Manfred????1926-2002?
Wagner, Gustav ????1911-1980?
Steinbrinck, Otto????1888-1949NoSS general
Rendulic, Lothar1944
N/A ??1887-1971Yes (1948)
Werner, Lorenz1929 ???1891-1974Yes (1948)SS general; Golden Nazi Party Badge
Hofmann, Otto1923?145 729?1896-1982Yes (1948)SS general
Weizsäcker, Ernst von1938???1882-1951?SS general; Secretary of State at the Foreign Office; Ambassador to the Holy See
Abb, Gustav[5]????1886-1945?
Abel, Wolfgang[6]????1905-1997?
Abetz, Otto[7]????1903-1958?
Abicht, Albert[8]????1893-1973?
Abromeit, Franz[9]????1907-1964?
Abt, Karl Ferdinand[10]????1903-1945?
Achamer-Pifrader, Humbert[11]????1900-1945?
Achenbach, E????1909-1991?
Achterberg, Eberhard[12]????1910-1983?
Ackermann, Eberhard[13]????1905-1997?
Adam, Karl[14]????1876-1966?
Adam, Wilhelm[15]????1893-1978?
Ahl, Ernst[16]????1898-1945?
Albach-Retty, Wolf[17]????1906-1967?
Albrecht, Herbert[18]????1900-1945?
Alquen, Gunter d'[19]1927No??1910-1998?SA member; senior SS officer; Party Youth Leader
Altenburg, Günther[20]????1894-1984?
Altfuldisch, Johann????1911-1947??
Altner, Georg[21]????1901-1945?
Alvensleben, Ludolf-Hermann von[22]????1901-1970?
Aly, Wolfgang[23]????1881-1962?philologist
Amann, Max[24]1921No3?1891-1957?SS general
Ambros, Otto[25]????1901-1990?German chemist
Appler, Johann[26]????1892-1978?Reichstag
Arent, Benno von[27]1932No??1898-1956?SS officer; Waffen SS general;
Astel, Karl[28]????1898-1945?
Auerswald, Heinz[29]????1908-1970?
Augsberger, Franz[30]????1905-1945?
Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia[31]????1887-1949?
Aumeier, Hans[32]????1906-1948?
Aust, Hans Walter[33]????1900-1983?
Axmann, Artur[34]1931No??1913-1996?Reichsjugendführer; Reichsleiter; member of Reichstag; leader of Reichsberufswettkampf
von Braun, Wernher May 1, 1937No5,738,692
?1912-1977NoDeveloped weapons for Hitler's war machine

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  1. Convicted by a court of law or international tribunal for crimes against humanity, war crimes or atrocities.
  2. Eduard Dietl's party membership became legally dormant in 1920, when he became a member of the armed forces.
  3. Gerhard Rose's party membership became legally dormant in 1939, when he became a member of the armed forces.
  4. Josef's party membership became legally dormant between 1939 and 1942, when he was a member of the armed forces.


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