List of University of Oregon alumni

This List of University of Oregon alumni includes graduates of the University of Oregon as well as former students who studied at the university but did not obtain a formal degree.

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

The university opened in 1876 and the first class contained only five members, graduating in 1878.[1] The university has over 195,000 alumni, 10 of whom are Pulitzer Prize winners, and 2 of whom are Nobel laureates.[2][3]

Academic administration

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Block, Gene D.Gene D. Block M.S.
Chancellor of UCLA [4]
Bollinger, LeeLee Bollinger B.S. 1954 President of Columbia University; former President of University of Michigan [5]
Fullerton, GailGail Fullerton Ph.D. 1954 Retired President of San Jose State University [6]
Helsley, RobertRobert Helsley B.S. 1979 Dean of Sauder School of Business at UBC [7]
Priest, SimonSimon Priest Ph.D. 1986 Professor and Senior Vice-president of Academics for the Virginia College system [8]
Robertson, JosephJoseph Robertson M.B.A. 1997 President of Oregon Health Sciences University [9][10]
Snider, NeilNeil Snider Ph.D. 1973 President Emeritus of Trinity Western University


Architecture and design

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Backen, HowardHoward Backen B.Arch 1962 Founder of BAR Architects and Backen, Gillam & Kroeger [12]
Cloepfil, BradBrad Cloepfil B.Arch 1980 Founder of Allied Works Architecture [13]
Hatfield, TinkerTinker Hatfield B.Arch 1977 VP, designer and architect for Nike [14]
Islam, MazharulMazharul Islam B.Arch 1952 Architect credited with bringing modernist architecture to Bangladesh [15]
Mather, RickRick Mather B.IArch 1961 RIBA; founder of Rick Mather Architects; trustee of Victoria and Albert Museum [16]
Susanka, SarahSarah Susanka B.Arch 1978 Architect, author of The Not so Big House [17]
Tsui, EugeneEugene Tsui B.Arch 1981 Controversial architect [18]
Walsh, Margo GrantMargo Grant Walsh B.IArch 1960 Vice Chairman emeritus of Gensler [19]

Business and finance

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Alterman, KentKent Alterman B.F.A 1981 President of Comedy Central [20]
Artzt, EdwinEdwin Artzt B.S. 1951 Retired CEO and Chairman emeritus of Procter & Gamble [21]
Atkinson, Robert D.Robert D. Atkinson M.A. 1985 President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation [22]
Bedbury, ScottScott Bedbury B.S. 1980 Marketing guru [23]
Berry, TimTim Berry M.A. 1974 Co-founder of Borland International; founder and president of Palo Alto Software, Inc. [24]
Bowerman, BillBill Bowerman B.S.
Co-founder of Nike, Inc. (also see #Track and List of University of Oregon faculty and staff) [25]
Boyle, TimTim Boyle B.S. 1971 CEO of Columbia Sportswear Company [26]
Brainerd, PaulPaul Brainerd B.S. 1970 Founder of Aldus; creator of PageMaker and desktop publishing [27]
Campbell, WallaceWallace Campbell M.A. 1932 Co-founder and President of CARE [28]
Chapa, RudyRudy Chapa B.A. 1981 Founder and CEO of SPARQ [29]
Cheng, Stanley K.Stanley K. Cheng attended CEO of Meyer Corporation [30]
Colligan, EdEd Colligan B.A. 1983 President and CEO of Palm, Inc. [31]
Elorriaga, JohnJohn Elorriaga B.B.A. 1951 Former chairman and CEO of U.S. Bancorp; former president of US National Bank of Oregon [32]
Glickman, HarryHarry Glickman B.A. 1948 Founder and president emeritus of Portland Trail Blazers [33]
James, RenéeRenée James B.A.
Former president of Intel Corporation [34]
Jones, MichaelMichael Jones B.S.
Former CEO of MySpace [35]
Joyce, JackJack Joyce 1964 Co-founder of Rogue Ales [36]
Mieuli, FranklinFranklin Mieuli B.A. 1944 Principal owner of Golden State Warriors [37]
Kilkenny, PatrickPatrick Kilkenny attended Former Athletic Director of the University of Oregon, Chairman emeritus and former CEO of Arrowhead General Insurance Agency (also see List of University of Oregon faculty and staff) [38]
Knight, PhilPhil Knight B.B.A 1959 Co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of Nike, Inc. [39]
Lillis, CharlesCharles Lillis Ph.D. 1972 Founder, retired president, chairman and CEO of MediaOne [40]
Loomis, MickeyMickey Loomis B.S. 1979 General Manager for the New Orleans Saints [41]
Papé, RandyRandy Papé B.S. 1972 President and CEO of Papé Group; President and Chairman of Liberty Financial Group [42]
Polet, RobertRobert Polet M.B.A. 1976 Chairman and CEO of Gucci [43]
Raymund, Steven A.Steven A. Raymund B.S. 1978 Chairman and former CEO of Tech Data [44]
Rippey, JamesJames Rippey B.S. 1953 Co-founder and CEO of Columbia Management, established Oregon's first mutual fund [45]
Trinen, BillBill Trinen B.A. 1994 Director of Product Marketing of Nintendo of America [46]
Widmer, KurtKurt Widmer B.A. 1978 Co-founder and President of Widmer Brothers Brewing Company [47]
Wallace, Lila BellLila Bell Wallace B.A. 1917 Co-founder of Reader's Digest [48]
Wieden, DanDan Wieden B.S. 1967 Co-founder of advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy [49]
Williams, LarryLarry Williams B.S. 1964 Stock trader, author of How to Prosper in the Coming Good Years [50]

Fine arts and entertainment

Film, television and performing arts

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Behrendt, GregGreg Behrendt B.A. 1991 Stand-up comedian; former consultant for Sex and the City; author of He's Just Not That Into You and It's Called a Breakup Because it's Broken [51][52]
Bliss, ChrisChris Bliss attended Stand-up comedian and juggler [53]
Boothe, ParisseParisse Boothe B.A. 2004 Actress, Deadwood [54]
Buchanan, EdgarEdgar Buchanan attended Actor (Petticoat Junction) [55]
Burns, AllanAllan Burns 1957 Emmy Award-winning producer (Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Munsters) and screenwriter (The Bullwinkle Show, A Little Romance) [56]
Burrell, TyTy Burrell attended Actor (Modern Family) [57]
Cannell, Stephen J.Stephen J. Cannell B.S. 1964 Emmy Award-winning television producer, writer, and novelist (The A-Team, The Greatest American Hero); founder and chairman of Cannell Studios [58]
Chang, TerenceTerence Chang 1973 Movie producer (Face/Off, Broken Arrow) [59]
Coats, PamPam Coats M.F.A. 1984 Producer (Mulan) [60]
Ferguson, LarryLarry Ferguson B.S. 1964 Writer, producer, and actor (Beverly Hills Cop II, The Hunt for Red October) [61][62]
Gassner, DennisDennis Gassner B.S. 1970 Academy Award-winning set designer (Bugsy, Waterworld, The Truman Show, O Brother Where Art Thou) [63]
Hesseman, HowardHoward Hesseman attended Actor (WKRP in Cincinnati, About Schmidt) [64]
Hutshing, JoeJoe Hutshing B.A. 1980 Academy Award-winning editor (JFK, Born on the Fourth of July) [65]
Ivory, JamesJames Ivory B.F.A. 1951 Director (A Room with a View, Howards End); co-founder of Merchant Ivory Productions [66]
Judge, ChristopherChristopher Judge B.F.A. 1985 Actor (Stargate SG-1), graduated from the University as a three-time All-American football player under the name Doug Judge [67]
Masters, BenBen Masters B.S. 1969 Actor, Julian Crane on the NBC soap opera Passions [68]
Olson, KaitlinKaitlin Olson B.S. 1997 Actress, Sweet Dee on the FX TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [69]
Read, JamesJames Read B.S. 1976 Actor, George Hazard on the ABC miniseries North and South, Beaches, Eight Men Out, Charmed, Wildfire [70]
Simpson, DonDon Simpson B.S. 1967 Producer (Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Bad Boys, Crimson Tide, The Rock) [71]
Stiers, David OgdenDavid Ogden Stiers attended Actor (M*A*S*H) [72]
Stillwell, Eric A.Eric A. Stillwell B.S. 1985 Star Trek writer [73]
Urbinati, RobRob Urbinati Ph.D. 1994 Playwright, stage director [74]
Warren, BillBill Warren B.A. 1966 Film scholar; author of Keep Watching the Skies
Werner, Jeffrey M.Jeffrey M. Werner B.A. 1993 Film editor (The Kids Are All Right, Prom) [75]
Whitty, JeffJeff Whitty B.A. 1993 2004 Tony Award winner for the musical Avenue Q [76]
Wu, DanielDaniel Wu B.Arch 1997 Hong Kong movie star (New Police Story) [77]
Zabel, BryceBryce Zabel B.A. 1976 Television producer, director, and writer [78]


Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Allen, Paula GunnPaula Gunn Allen B.A.
Native American poet, novelist [79]
Broumas, OlgaOlga Broumas M.A. 1973 Poet [80]
Doyle, JeffJeff Doyle B.Arch 1978 Novelist, private contractor [81]
Gloria, EugeneEugene Gloria M.F.A. 1992 Poet [82]
Harper, Tara K.Tara K. Harper B.S. 1984 Science fiction writer, author of the Grey Ones, Black Wolf, and Cat Scratch series [83]
Haycox, ErnestErnest Haycox B.A. 1923 Writer of Western fiction; his story "Stage to Lordsburg" was made into the 1939 movie Stagecoach [84]
Hitchcock, GeorgeGeorge Hitchcock B.A. 1935 Poet and publisher of the literary journal Kayak [85]
Kesey, KenKen Kesey B.S. 1957 Author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Sometimes a Great Notion [86]
Lee, Chang-RaeChang-Rae Lee M.F.A. 1993 Novelist, Native Speaker; director of Princeton University's Creative Writing program [87]
Palahniuk, ChuckChuck Palahniuk B.A. 1986 Author of Fight Club, Choke, and Lullaby [88]
Turner, BrianBrian Turner M.F.A. 1996 Poet [89]
Winther, Sophus KeithSophus Keith Winther B.S.
Professor and novelist [90]


Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Appleton, JonJon Appleton M.A. 1965 Composer, author, and former professor of music at Dartmouth College [91]
Brown, AnthonyAnthony Brown B.S. 1975 Jazz musician [92]
Grant, TomTom Grant M.Ed. 1971 Jazz pianist [93]
Gunn, TreyTrey Gunn 1986 Bass player for King Crimson
Hollens, PeterPeter Hollens B.Mus 2005 Singer and producer
Homans, BillBill Homans B.A. 1987 Blues musician [94]
Levitin, DanielDaniel Levitin M.S.
Musician; cognitive scientist; sound designer for Chris Isaak and Joe Satriani [95]
Meloy, ColinColin Meloy attended Lead singer of The Decemberists
Moore, GlenGlen Moore B.S. 1963 Composer; founding member and bassist of Oregon [96]
Ottley, JeroldJerold Ottley D.M.A. 1972 Retired director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir [97]
Perry, SteveSteve Perry B.S. 2004 Lead singer of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies [98]
Siegel, DanDan Siegel B.S. 1976 Composer, record producer [99]
Towner, RalphRalph Towner B.Mus 1963 Composer; founding member of Oregon [96]

Visual arts

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Gilkey, GordonGordon Gilkey M.F.A. 1936 Art preservationist and promoter, awarded the Meritorious Service Medal [100]
Krause, LaVerneLaVerne Krause B.A. 1946 Painter and printmaker (also see List of University of Oregon faculty and staff) [101]
Norstad, EricEric Norstad M.F.A. 1957 Architect, ceramist, sculptor [102]
Sacco, JoeJoe Sacco B.A. 1981 Comic artist and journalist [103]
Stokes, CharlesCharles Stokes M.F.A. 1968 Painter and sculptor [104]
Wigginton, RonRon Wigginton M.F.A. 1968 Painter, sculptor and landscape architect [105]
Wong, RusselRussel Wong B.S. 1984 Photographer [106]

Journalism and media

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Acohido, ByronByron Acohido B.S. 1977 Pulitzer Prize winner (1997 Seattle Times) [107]
Attig, RickRick Attig B.S. 1983 Pulitzer Prize winner (2001 Oregonian, 2006 Oregonian with Doug Bates) [108]
Bates, DougDoug Bates 1968 Pulitzer Prize winner (2006 Oregonian with Rick Attig) [108]
Deffenbaugh, AbeAbe Deffenbaugh B.S. 1994 Former publisher for the National Rifle Association; author of outdoor-related magazine articles [109]
Curry, AnnAnn Curry B.A. 1978 The Today Show anchor; co-host of Dateline NBC [110]
Dykes, SteveSteve Dykes B.S. 1982 Pulitzer Prize winner (1993 LA Times with staff, 1995 LA Times with staff, 2000 Rocky Mountain News with photo staff) [111]
Everett, NeilNeil Everett 1984 ESPNEWS and SportsCenter anchor [112]
Verch Fletcher, LisaLisa Verch Fletcher B.S. 1990 Broadcast journalist for WJLA-TV, the ABC-affiliated television station in Washington, D.C. [113]
Hockenberry, JohnJohn Hockenberry 1981 Journalist; four-time Emmy Award winner; three-time Peabody Award winner [114]
Lamond, MikeMike Lamond attended StarCraft II professional commentator and player [115]
Larson, LarsLars Larson attended 1977-1979 Syndicated radio talk show host, political pundit (KEX (AM), FOX News) [116]
Loo, NancyNancy Loo B.S. 1986 Broadcast journalist for WFLD-TV, the Fox station in Chicago [117]
Markoff, JohnJohn Markoff M.S. 1975 Journalist [118]
McCarey, KevinKevin McCarey M.A. 1980 Emmy Award-winning filmmaker for National Geographic Television; author (Islands Under Fire)
Murayama, CurtisCurtis Murayama B.A. 1976 Deputy Sports Editor and NFL Draft Guru, Honolulu Star-Advertiser [119]
Natt, TedTed Natt 1963 Pulitzer Prize winner (1981 Longview Daily News with staff) [111]
Porterfield, RobertRobert Porterfield 1967 Pulitzer Prize winner (1980 The Boston Globe) [111]
Shilts, RandyRandy Shilts B.S. 1975 Journalist; first openly gay reporter on a major American newspaper (the San Francisco Chronicle); author of three best-selling non-fiction books: The Mayor of Castro Street, And the Band Played On, and Conduct Unbecoming [120]
Sparks, AdamAdam Sparks B.A. 2001 Digital Editor, Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Stallwood, KarenKaren Stallwood B.A. 1986 Pulitzer Prize winner (1994 Dallas Morning News with staff) [111]
Tizon, AlexAlex Tizon B.S. 1994 Pulitzer Prize winner (1997 Seattle Times with Eric Nalder and Deborah Nelson) [121]
Walth, BrentBrent Walth B.S. 1984 Pulitzer Prize winner (2001 Oregonian with Julia Sullivan-Springhetti, Kim Christensen, and Richard Read) [111]
Zusman, MarkMark Zusman M.S. 1978 Journalist; editor; winner of Gerald Loeb Award; his paper is the only weekly to ever win the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting (2005, Willamette Week)

History and humanities

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Cox, LaWandaLaWanda Cox B.A. 1931 Historian, Hunter College [122]
Jenkins, DennisDennis Jenkins Ph.D. 1991 Archaeologist [123]
Ling, HupingHuping Ling M.A. 1987 History professor at Truman State University, award-winning author [124]
Riasanovsky, Nicholas V.Nicholas V. Riasanovsky B.A. 1942 Professor emeritus of European History at University of California, Berkeley [125]
Swimme, BrianBrian Swimme Ph.D. 1978 Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies


Yang, AngelaAngela Yang M.L.S. Former president of Chinese American Librarians Association from 1992-1993, multicultural services and outreach services librarian [127]


Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Birkhimer, William E.William E. Birkhimer LL.D. 1889 Recipient of the Medal of Honor [128]
Hammond, Creed C.Creed C. Hammond 1896 Major General, US Army [129]
Jeremiah, David E.David E. Jeremiah B.S. 1955 Admiral, US Navy [130]
Malarkey, DonaldDonald Malarkey B.S. 1948 Sergeant in Easy Company of the 101st Airborne; was in Stephen E. Ambrose's book Band of Brothers, made into an HBO miniseries [131]
Powell, Herbert B.Herbert B. Powell B.S. 1927 General, US Army [132]
Pixley, Charles C.Charles C. Pixley M.D. 1946 Lieutenant General, US Army [133]
Rees, Raymond F.Raymond F. Rees J.D. 1976 Major General, US Army [134]
Rosson, William B.William B. Rosson B.S. 1940 General, US Army [135]
Simpson, Rodger W.Rodger W. Simpson attended Rear Admiral, US Navy [136]
Smith, TammyTammy Smith B.S. 1986 Brigadier General, US Army [137]
Stanley, Gordon ArthurGordon Arthur Stanley attended 1943 Lieutenant Commander, US Navy, ace [138][139]

Politics and law


Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Atiyeh, Victor G.Victor G. Atiyeh attended Former Governor of Oregon [140]
Goldschmidt, NeilNeil Goldschmidt B.A. 1963 Former Governor of Oregon and mayor of Portland, Oregon [140]
Holmes, Robert D.Robert D. Holmes 1932 Former Governor of Oregon [140]
Jordan, Leonard B.Leonard B. Jordan B.A. 1923 Former Governor of Idaho [141]
Kitzhaber, JohnJohn Kitzhaber M.D. 1973 Former Governor of Oregon [140]
McCall, TomTom McCall B.S. 1936 Former Governor of Oregon; television reporter and commentator for KGW and KATU in Portland [140]
Meier, Julius L.Julius L. Meier LL.B 1895 Former Governor of Oregon [140]
Patterson, Paul L.Paul L. Patterson B.A.
Former Governor of Oregon; President of the Oregon State Senate [140]


Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Bean, Robert S.Robert S. Bean B.S. 1878 Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice [142]
Coshow, Oliver PerryOliver Perry Coshow 1885 Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice [142]
Goodwin, AlfredAlfred Goodwin B.A.
Former Oregon Supreme Court Justice [142]
Jones, JimJim Jones B.A. 1964 Chief Justice of Idaho Supreme Court; former Attorney General of Idaho [143]
Latourette, Earl C.Earl C. Latourette 1912 Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice [142]
Peterson, Edwin J.Edwin J. Peterson B.S.
Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice [142]
Schuman, DavidDavid Schuman J.D. 1984 Oregon Court of Appeals Judge [144]
Tongue, ThomasThomas Tongue J.D. 1937 Former Oregon Supreme Court Justice [142]
Walters, Martha LeeMartha Lee Walters J.D. 1977 Former Oregon Supreme Court Justice [142]
Winslow, Walter C.Walter C. Winslow B.A. 1906 Oregon Supreme Court Justice pro tempore [145]


Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Angell, Homer D.Homer D. Angell B.A. 1900 Former US Representative from Oregon [146]
Barry, Alexander G.Alexander G. Barry LL.B 1917 Former US Senator from Oregon [146]
Battin, JimJim Battin B.A. 1985 Former California State Senator [147]
Bonamici, SuzanneSuzanne Bonamici B.S.
US Representative from Oregon [146]
Brown, WaltWalt Brown M.L.S. 1975 Former Oregon State Senator
DeFazio, PeterPeter DeFazio M.A. 1977 US Representative from Oregon [146]
Duncan, VerneVerne Duncan Ph.D. 1968 Former Oregon State Senator
Durno, Edwin R.Edwin R. Durno B.S. 1921 US Representative from Oregon [146]
Ellsworth, HarrisHarris Ellsworth B.A. 1922 Former Oregon State Senator and US Representative from Oregon [146]
Ferrioli, TedTed Ferrioli B.A. 1973 Oregon State Senator
Fonseca, PeterPeter Fonseca B.A. Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of Canada (2015-); Member of Provincial Parliament in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (2003-2011) [148]
Green, EdithEdith Green B.A. 1939 Former US Representative from Oregon [146]
Hara, KenzaburoKenzaburo Hara M.A. Japan's second longest-serving legislator [149]
Korell, Franklin F.Franklin F. Korell 1910 Former US Representative from Oregon [146]
Lloyd, James F.James F. Lloyd attended Former US Representative from California [150]
McArthur, Clifton N.Clifton N. McArthur B.A. 1901 Former US Representative from Oregon [151]
Mulkey, FrederickFrederick Mulkey 1896 Former US Senator from Oregon [151]
Neuberger, Maurine BrownMaurine Brown Neuberger B.A. 1929 First woman US Senator from Oregon [146]
Neuberger, Richard L.Richard L. Neuberger 1935 Former US Senator from Oregon [146]
Nielson, Howard C.Howard C. Nielson M.S. 1949 Former US Representative from Utah [152]
Norblad, A. WalterA. Walter Norblad J.D. 1932 Former US Representative from Oregon [153]
Packard, RonRon Packard D.M.D. 1957 Former US Representative from California [154]
Roth, Jr., William V.William V. Roth, Jr. B.A. 1944 Former US Representative and senator from Delaware; legislative sponsor of the individual retirement account plan, the Roth IRA, named for him; served as Chairman of U.S. Senate Committee on Finance [146]
Simon, PaulPaul Simon B.S. 1949 Former US Senator from Illinois [146]
Simpson, PetePete Simpson Ph.D. Former member of the Wyoming House of Representatives and administrator at the University of Wyoming [155]
Smith, JeffersonJefferson Smith B.S. 1996 Political activist and former state legislator [156]
Snyder, VicVic Snyder M.D. 1979 US Representative from Arkansas [157]
Steiwer, FrederickFrederick Steiwer B.A. 1906 Former US Senator from Oregon [158]
Thompson, Clark W.Clark W. Thompson attended US Representative from Texas [159]
Walden, GregGreg Walden B.S. 1981 US Representative from Oregon [146]
Weaver, James H.James H. Weaver B.S. 1952 Former US Representative from Oregon [160]
Westlund, BenBen Westlund attended Oregon State Senator
Wyatt, WendellWendell Wyatt LL.B. 1941 Former US Representative from Oregon [146]
Wyden, RonRon Wyden J.D. 1974 US Senator and Representative from Oregon [146]


Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Adams, SamSam Adams B.A. 2002 Former Mayor of Portland, Oregon [161][162]
Coonerty, RyanRyan Coonerty 1996 Former Mayor of Santa Cruz, California [163]
Dapcevich, MarkoMarko Dapcevich 1991 Mayor of Sitka, Alaska [164]
Dent, IvorIvor Dent Ph.D. 1962 Former mayor of Edmonton, Canada [165]
Hughes, TomTom Hughes B.S. 1965 Former mayor of Hillsboro, Oregon [166]
Kizito, John SsebaanaJohn Ssebaana Kizito M.A. 1962 Mayor of Kampala, Uganda [167]
Lowe, AlanAlan Lowe M.Arch 1985 Former Mayor of Victoria, British Columbia [168]
McCready, ConnieConnie McCready 1943 Former mayor of Portland, Oregon [169]
Royer, CharlesCharles Royer B.S. 1966 Former mayor of Seattle, Washington [170]


Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Hallett, CarolCarol Hallett 1959 Former U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas [171]
Matsuoka, YosukeYosuke Matsuoka LL.B 1900 International war criminal and influential Japanese Foreign Minister during World War II [172]
Retzer, MichaelMichael Retzer B.A. 1968 U.S. Ambassador to the United Republic of Tanzania [173]
Tomseth, Victor L.Victor L. Tomseth B.A. 1963 Former U.S. Ambassador to the Lao People's Democratic Republic [174]
Wiedemann, KentKent Wiedemann M.A. 1973 Former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia [175]

Other politicians

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Hodel, DonaldDonald Hodel J.D. 1960 Former Secretary of Energy and former Secretary of the Interior for the Reagan administration [176]
Myers, HardyHardy Myers LL.B. 1964 Former Attorney General of Oregon [177]
Nathan, TheodoraTheodora Nathan B.A. 1971 First woman to have received an electoral vote in a US presidential election [178]
Novick, SteveSteve Novick B.A. 1981 City of Portland Commissioner [179]
Nhan, Nguyen ThienNguyen Thien Nhan M.P.A. 1995 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education of Vietnam [180]
Rosenblum, EllenEllen Rosenblum B.S.
Attorney General of Oregon [181]
Thornton, Robert Y.Robert Y. Thornton Postdoc 1995 Former Attorney General of Oregon [182]
Yasui, MinoruMinoru Yasui B.A.
Activist against discriminatory laws against Japanese Americans during World War II [183]

Science, technology and psychology

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Aczel, AmirAmir Aczel Ph.D. 1982 Author of science and mathematics [184]
Adams, Raymond DelacyRaymond Delacy Adams Bachelors 1933 Neurologist and Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences [185]
Ball, Geoffrey R.Geoffrey R. Ball Bachelors Physiologist; co-founder of Symphonix Devices Inc., which pioneered the development of middle ear implants [186]
Beck, KentKent Beck B.S., M.S. 1987 Software engineer, creator of the Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development software development methodologies, also named agile software development [187]
Bjorkman, Pamela J.Pamela J. Bjorkman B.A. 1971 Biochemist; pioneer in x-ray crystallography; Max Delbruck Professor of Biology at California Institute of Technology [188]
Gordon, RichardRichard Gordon Ph.D. 1967 Theoretical biologist; pioneer in image processing; Professor of Radiology at University of Manitoba [189]
Brattain, Walter HouserWalter Houser Brattain M.A. 1926 Co-winner of 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics, co-inventor of the transistor [190]
Brubaker, Clifford E.Clifford E. Brubaker Ph.D. 1968 Founding member and former president of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America [191]
Cunningham, Robert S.Robert S. Cunningham M.S.
1969 Professor emeritus of computer science at CSU Stanislaus [192]
Dehaene, StanislasStanislas Dehaene Postdoc Neuroscientist in numerical cognition [193]
Fernald, AnneAnne Fernald Ph.d 1982 Psychologist at Stanford University [194]
Hamilton, N. GregoryN. Gregory Hamilton B.A. 1971 Psychiatrist and proponent of assisted suicide [195]
Hofstadter, DouglasDouglas Hofstadter M.S.
Professor of cognitive science; Pulitzer Prize winner for general non-fiction (1980); author of Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid [196]
Leiserowitz, AnthonyAnthony Leiserowitz M.S.
Director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication [197]
Levitin, DanielDaniel Levitin M.S.
Cognitive scientist [198]
Lovejoy, Esther PohlEsther Pohl Lovejoy M.D. 1894 Early female physician; women's suffrage activist [199]
Murphy, WilliamWilliam Murphy B.A. 1914 Co-winner of 1934 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine [200]
Myers, PZPZ Myers Ph.D. 1985 Biologist and noted science blogger [201]
Noller, Harry F.Harry F. Noller Ph.D. 1985 Biochemist; director of the UC Santa Cruz's Center for the Molecular Biology of RNA; made significant contributions to our understanding of the ribosome; member of the National Academy of Sciences [202]
Posner, MichaelMichael Posner Postdoc 1985 Neuroscientist [203]
Pankratz, LorenLoren Pankratz Ph.D. 1968 Psychologist, former professor at Oregon Health Sciences University [204]
Rojansky, VladimirVladimir Rojansky M.A. 1925 Physicist, known for work on antimatter [205]
Snieckus, VictorVictor Snieckus Ph.D. 1965 Chemist, leading researcher in the exploration of the directed ortho metalation [206]
Takahashi, JosephJoseph Takahashi Ph.D. 1981 Discovered the CLOCK gene [207]
Wah, RobertRobert Wah B.S. 1979 President of the American Medical Association, 2014–15 [208]
Wirfs-Brock, RebeccaRebecca Wirfs-Brock B.A. Software engineer and consultant; founder of the information technology consulting firm Wirfs-Brock Associates; inventor of Responsibility-Driven Design [209]



Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Ballard, GregGreg Ballard B.S. 1977 Former NBA forward
Barnett, JimJim Barnett B.S. 1966 Former NBA guard-forward
Brandon, TerrellTerrell Brandon 1991 Former NBA guard
Brooks, AaronAaron Brooks B.S. 2007 NBA guard for the Phoenix Suns
Few, MarkMark Few B.S. 1987 Current head basketball coach at Gonzaga University
Gale, LaurenLauren Gale 1939 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame member
Hobson, HowardHoward Hobson B.S. 1926 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame member; former basketball Head Coach for the Oregon Ducks and Yale Bulldogs
Jackson, LukeLuke Jackson B.S. 2004 Former NBA forward with the Portland Trail Blazers
Jackson, StuStu Jackson 1980 Former NBA head coach, current NBA executive
Jones, FredFred Jones 2002 Former NBA guard with the New York Knicks
Kent, ErnieErnie Kent B.S. 1977 Former basketball head coach for the Oregon Ducks
Lee, RonRon Lee B.S. 1976 Former NBA guard
Loscutoff, JimJim Loscutoff 1955 Former NBA forward
Love, StanStan Love 1971 Former NBA forward. Also notable as father of current NBA forward Kevin Love and younger brother of Beach Boys founding member Mike Love.
Rasmussen, BlairBlair Rasmussen B.S. 1985 Former NBA center
Ridnour, LukeLuke Ridnour attended NBA Point Guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves
Volchok, ZollieZollie Volchok 1939 Former general manager of the Seattle SuperSonics; winner of the 1983 NBA Executive of the Year Award [210]


Full list of former University of Oregon players who have played football professionally

Full list of former University of Oregon players who are currently playing in the NFL

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Berry, BobBob Berry 1964 Former Pro Bowl NFL quarterback [211]
Bidwell, JoshJosh Bidwell B.A. 1998 Pro Bowl NFL punter with the Washington Redskins [212]
Byrd, JairusJairus Byrd attended 2008 Pro Bowl NFL safety for the Buffalo Bills [212]
Chung, PatrickPatrick Chung B.S. 2008 Safety for the New England Patriots[213] [212]
Clemens, KellenKellen Clemens B.S. 2006 NFL quarterback with the San Diego Chargers [212]
Cunningham, GuntherGunther Cunningham B.S. 1969 Former head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs
Dixon, DennisDennis Dixon B.S. 2007 NFL quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles [212]
Droughns, ReubenReuben Droughns 2000 NFL running back with the New York Giants [212]
Feeley, A.J.A.J. Feeley 2000 NFL quarterback with the St. Louis Rams [212]
Fouts, DanDan Fouts B.S. 1977 Pro Football Hall of Fame member; former six-time Pro Bowl NFL quarterback; ABC television sports announcer [211]
Francis, RussRuss Francis 1975 Former three-time Pro Bowl NFL tight end [211]
Gaechter, MikeMike Gaechter B.S. 1962 Former NFL safety for the Dallas Cowboys [211]
Gagnon, RoyRoy Gagnon NFL guard for the Detroit Lions [214]
Hargain, TonyTony Hargain Former NFL wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers [211]
Harrington, JoeyJoey Harrington B.S. 2002 Former NFL quarterback with the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints [211]
Huff, JoshJosh Huff B.S. 2013 NFL wide receiver with the Philadelphia Eagles.
Huntington, ShyShy Huntington B.S. 1924 Former football, basketball, and baseball head coach for the Oregon Ducks
James, DickDick James 1956 Former Pro Bowl NFL running back [211]
Thomas, DarronDarron Thomas 2011
James, LaMichaelLaMichael James 2011 NFL running back with the Miami Dolphins. Doak Walker Award winner
Matthews, CaseyCasey Matthews 2010 NFL linebacker with the Philadelphia Eagles
Maehl, JeffJeff Maehl 2010 NFL wide receiver with the Philadelphia Eagles
Jones, JuneJune Jones attended Head coach of the SMU Mustangs; former head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and Hawaii Warriors
Leemans, TuffyTuffy Leemans attended Pro Football Hall of Fame member; former NFL running back for the New York Giants
Martin, GeorgeGeorge Martin 1975 Former NFL defensive end for the New York Giants [211]
McKay, JohnJohn McKay B.S. 1950 Former head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the USC Trojans
Miller, ChrisChris Miller 1987 Former NFL quarterback [211]
Molden, AlexAlex Molden B.S. 1998 Former NFL cornerback [211]
Morris, MauriceMaurice Morris 2002 NFL running back with the Detroit Lions [212]
Newman, AnthonyAnthony Newman 2002 Former NFL defensive back with the Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders [211]
Nisby, JohnJohn Nisby Former NFL guard with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins .[215]
Ngata, HalotiHaloti Ngata attended Two-time Pro Bowl NFL defensive tackle with the Detroit Lions [212]
Nolan, MikeMike Nolan B.S. 1981 Former head coach of the San Francisco 49ers
Olshansky, IgorIgor Olshansky B.S. 2004 NFL defensive tackle with the Miami Dolphins [212]
Patera, JackJack Patera B.S. 1955 Former head coach of the Seattle Seahawks
Quillan, FredFred Quillan 1977 Former two-time Pro Bowl NFL center with the San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers [211]
Rashad, AhmadAhmad Rashad B.Ed 1972 Former four-time Pro Bowl NFL wide receiver, Emmy Award-winning sportscaster [211]
Renfro, MelMel Renfro B.S. 1964 Pro Football Hall of Fame member; former ten-time Pro Bowl; five-time All-Pro NFL cornerback [211]
Rosario, DanteDante Rosario B.S. 2006 NFL tight end with the Carolina Panthers [212]
Robinson, JohnJohn Robinson B.S. 1960 Former head coach of the Los Angeles Rams and USC Trojans
Salisbury, BrettBrett Salisbury attended 1991 Former quarterback and sports nutrition author
Schwartz, Geoffrey IsaiahGeoffrey Isaiah Schwartz B.S. 2008 NFL offensive tackle with the Kansas City Chiefs [212]
Smith, AkiliAkili Smith B.S. 1999 Former NFL quarterback [211]
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Snyder, AdamAdam Snyder B.S. 2005 NFL offensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers [212]
Snyder, BruceBruce Snyder B.S. 1963 Former head coach of the California Golden Bears and the Arizona State Sun Devils
Stewart, JonathanJonathan Stewart attended NFL running back with the Carolina Panthers [212]
Thomas, De'AnthonyDe'Anthony Thomas attended 2013 NFL running back with the Kansas City Chiefs
Turner, NorvNorv Turner B.S. 1976 Offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns; former head coach of the San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders
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Williams, DemetriusDemetrius Williams 2006 NFL wide receiver with the Cleveland Browns [212]
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Zimmerman, GaryGary Zimmerman B.S. 1986 Pro Football Hall of Fame member, former seven-time Pro Bowl NFL offensive lineman [211]

Track and field

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Baker, KeshiaKeshia Baker 2010 2012 Summer Olympics gold medalist in the 4 × 400 m relay
Boit, MikeMike Boit Ph.D. 1986 1972 Summer Olympics bronze medalist in the 800m [216]
Bowerman, BillBill Bowerman B.S.
Former track and field head coach for the Oregon Ducks (also see #Business) [25]
Cruz, JoaquimJoaquim Cruz attended 1984 Summer Olympics gold medalist; 1988 Summer Olympics silver medalist in the 800m [216]
Davis, OtisOtis Davis B.S. 1960 1960 Summer Olympics gold medalist in the 400m and 4x400 relay [216]
Decker, MaryMary Decker 1980 Record setting long distance runner [216]
Dellinger, BillBill Dellinger B.S.
1964 Summer Olympics bronze medalist in the 5000m; former track and field head coach for the Oregon Ducks [216]
Eaton, AshtonAshton Eaton B.A. 2010 World record holder in the decathlon with 9045 points in 2015 and the heptathlon with 6499 points in 2010, 6568 points in 2011 and 6645 points in 2012; 2012 Summer Olympics gold medalist in the decathlon [217]
Flax, KenKen Flax B.S. 1986 Two-time Olympian, record-setting hammer thrower [216]
Hawkins, MartinMartin Hawkins LL.B 1913 1912 Summer Olympics bronze medalist in the 100m hurdles [216]
Hill, RalphRalph Hill B.S. 1931 1932 Summer Olympics silver medalist in the 5000m [216]
Hostetler, CyrusCyrus Hostetler B.S. 2010 Javelin thrower at the 2012 Summer Olympics [218]
Jerome, HarryHarry Jerome
1964 Summer Olympics bronze medalist in the 100m, world record holder [216]
Kelly, DanielDaniel Kelly 1908 1908 Summer Olympics silver medalist in the long jump [219]
Prefontaine, SteveSteve Prefontaine B.S. 1974 Record setting long distance runner, Olympian [216]
Robinson, MackMack Robinson attended 1941 1936 Summer Olympics silver medalist in the 200m [216]
Rupp, GalenGalen Rupp B.A. 2009 2012 Summer Olympics silver medalist in the 10,000 meters; inaugural winner of the Bowerman Award [220]
Salazar, AlbertoAlberto Salazar B.A. 1981 Marathon runner and coach
Theisen-Eaton, BrianneBrianne Theisen-Eaton B.S. 2012 Canadian record holder in the heptathlon with 6808 points in 2015 and the indoor pentathlon with 4881 points in 2016; 2016 World Indoor Track and Field Championships gold medalist in the pentathlon; 2016 Summer Olympics Bronze medalist in the heptathlon [221][222][223]
Wilkins, MacMac Wilkins B.S. 1973 World record holder in the discus throw; 1976 Summer Olympics gold medalist; 1984 Summer Olympics silver medalist in the discus throw [216]

Other sports

Name Degree(s) Year(s) Notability Reference
Averill, EarlEarl Averill B.S. 1953 Baseball Hall of Fame outfielder for the Cleveland Indians [224]
Bancroft, AnnAnn Bancroft B.S. 1981 First woman to reach the North Pole on foot and by dogsled
Crane, BenBen Crane B.S. 1999 Professional golfer
Dunham, EvanEvan Dunham B.S. 2004 NCAA wrestler, professional MMA fighter for the UFC's Lightweight Division [225][226]
Gibson, GregGreg Gibson 1978 1984 Summer Olympics silver medalist in wrestling [227]
Gordon, JoeJoe Gordon B.S. 1939 Baseball Hall of Famer second baseman with the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians [224]
Jacobsen, PeterPeter Jacobsen 1977 Professional golfer
Jansen, DaveDave Jansen attended NCAA collegiate wrestler; professional MMA fighter formerly with the WEC, currently with Bellator [228]
Moyal, YohananYohanan Moyal Israeli Olympic gymnast
Roberts, DaveDave Roberts 1971 MLB first overall draft pick in 1972 by the San Diego Padres [224]
Shaw, TomTom Shaw 1962 Professional golfer
Sonnen, ChaelChael Sonnen B.S. 2001 NCAA All-American and U.S. Olympic team alternate wrestler, retired professional mixed martial artist [229][230]
Sunderland, PaulPaul Sunderland attended 1984 Summer Olympics gold medalist in men's volleyball [231]
Test, ZackZack Test Rugby player
Wood, CarolynCarolyn Wood B.A. 1967 1960 Summer Olympics gold medalist in the 4 × 100 m freestyle relay in swimming

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