List of University of Oregon faculty and staff

This List of University of Oregon faculty and staff includes presidents, staff, and faculty of the University of Oregon.

Presidents of the University of Oregon

Name Term Position(s) and notes Reference
Johnson, John WesleyJohn Wesley Johnson 1876–1893 President, professor of Greek and Latin [1]
Chapman, Charles HiramCharles Hiram Chapman 1893–1899 President [1]
Strong, FrankFrank Strong 1899–1902 President [1]
Campbell, Prince LucienPrince Lucien Campbell 1902–1925 President [1]
Hall, Arnold BennettArnold Bennett Hall 1926–1932 President [2]
Boyer, Clarence ValentineClarence Valentine Boyer 1934–1938 President [1]
Erb, Donald M.Donald M. Erb 1938–1943 President, professor of Economics, eponym of Erb Memorial Union [2]
Newburn, Harry K.Harry K. Newburn 1945–1953 President [1]
Wilson, O. MeredithO. Meredith Wilson 1954–1960 President [1]
Flemming, Arthur S.Arthur S. Flemming 1961–1968 President (previously Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare in the latter part of the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower; subsequently, President of Macalester College) [1]
Clark, Robert D.Robert D. Clark 1969–1975 President [1]
Boyd, William BeatyWilliam Beaty Boyd 1975–1980 President [1]
Olum, PaulPaul Olum 1980–1989 President, provost and mathematics professor [1]
Brand, MylesMyles Brand 1989–1994 President (subsequently President of Indiana University and President of the NCAA) [1]
Frohnmayer, DaveDave Frohnmayer 1994–2009 President, law school dean and professor [1]
Lariviere, RichardRichard Lariviere 2009–2011 President [1]
Gottfredson, Michael R.Michael R. Gottfredson 2012–2014 President [1]
Schill, Michael H.Michael H. Schill 2015–present President [3]

The following have served as interim presidents: John Straub (1893), Orlando John Hollis (1944–1945), Victor Pierpont Morris (1953–1954), William C. Jones (1960–1961), Charles Ellicott Johnson (1968–1969), N. Ray Hawk (1969), Robert M. Berdahl (2011–2012), and Scott Coltrane (2014–2015).[1]

Academic faculty

Architecture and allied arts

Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Brown, G.Z. "Charlie"G.Z. "Charlie" Brown Philip H. Knight Professor of Architecture Director, Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory; author, Sun, Wind and Light: Architectural Design Strategies [4]
Erickson, ArthurArthur Erickson 1954-? Professor of architecture Canadian architect [5]
Helphand, KennethKenneth Helphand Philip H. Knight Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Allied Arts Author:

Colorado: Visions of an American Landscape;

Yard Street Park: The Design of Suburban Open Space;

Dreaming Gardens: Landscape Architecture & the Making of Modern Israel;

Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime

Hulse, David W.David W. Hulse Philip H. Knight Professor of Landscape Architecture Founding member, Institute for a Sustainable Environment. Expertise in geographic information systems and computer-based tools facilitating land and water use planning and natural resource decision-making [7]
Hurwit, Jeffrey M.Jeffrey M. Hurwit Philip H. Knight Professor of Art History and Classics Ancient Greek art scholar and author, The Art and Culture of Early Greece; The Athenian Acropolis: History, Mythology, and Archaeology from the Neolithic Era to the Present; and The Acropolis in the Age of Pericles [8]
Krause, LaVerneLaVerne Krause 1966–1986 Professor of Art Established printmaking program; outstanding contributions as an educator, studio artist, and arts activist; national president of Artists Equity [9]
Lawrence, Ellis F.Ellis F. Lawrence Founder and former dean of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts Architect of Knight Library, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, McArthur Court
Murase, RobertRobert Murase Former professor of landscape architecture Landscape architect [10]


Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Crooke, MichaelMichael Crooke Professor of Practice, Lundquist School of Business Former CEO of Patagonia; ex-Navy Seal
Koreisha, SergioSergio Koreisha Philip H. Knight Professor of Business Operations and Business Analytics [11]
Howard, Dennis R.Dennis R. Howard Philip H. Knight Professor of Business Endowed Chair Warsaw Sports Marketing Center [12]


Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Kame'enui, EdwardEdward Kame'enui Philip H. Knight Professor of Education Founding Commissioner of the National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER) in the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education [13]
Tindal, GeraldGerald Tindal Castle-McIntosh-Knight Professor of Education Director of Behavioral Research & Teaching [14]
Bullis, MichaelMichael Bullis Somerville Knight Professor College of Education Development and community adjustment of at-risk adolescents [15]

Humanities and social sciences

Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Alley, HenryHenry Alley Professor emeritus of literature Author
Barnett, HomerHomer Barnett Professor emeritus of anthropology Anthropologist
Baskin, Judith R.Judith R. Baskin Philip H. Knight Professor of Humanities Religious studies scholar, author [16]
Berdahl, RobertRobert Berdahl Former professor of history and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences President of the Association of American Universities, former president of the University of Texas at Austin, former chancellor of University of California, Berkeley
Blonigen, BruceBruce Blonigen Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Science Economist [17]
Cressman, LutherLuther Cressman Founder of the Department of Anthropology, former professor of sociology Anthropologist
John Erlandson Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Sciences Anthropologist [18]
Ernst, Alice HensonAlice Henson Ernst Professor of English Playwright, teacher, free lance writer and a reporter
Phil A. Fisher Philip H. Knight Chair in Psychology Psychologist [19]
Franklin, JonJon Franklin Former professor of creative writing Pulitzer Prize winner (1979 in feature writing, 1985 in explanatory writing) [20]
Gatch, Thomas MiltonThomas Milton Gatch Former professor of history and English literature Former President of University of Washington and Oregon Agricultural College [21]
Warren Ginsberg Philip H. Knight Professor of Humanities Comparative literatue [22]
Givón, TalmyTalmy Givón Professor emeritus of linguistics Linguist
Jenkins, DennisDennis Jenkins Co-Director of Archaeological Field School Archaeologist [23]
Johnson, MarkMark Johnson Philip H. Knight Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguist, philosopher [24]
Pope, Barbara CorradoBarbara Corrado Pope Professor emerita Novelist, historian, a former director of UO's Clark Honors College, and the founding director of Women's and Gender Studies at the University [25]
Upham, SteadmanSteadman Upham Former vice provost for research, dean of the graduate school, and professor of anthropology President of the University of Tulsa
Thoma, MarkMark Thoma Professor of Economics Prominent economics blogger
Tizon, AlexAlex Tizon ?-present Assistant professor of journalism Pulitzer Prize winner (1997, Investigative Journalism) [26]
Youngen, LoisLois Youngen 1960–1996 Professor emeritus of physical education Catcher and outfielder in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
Diller, EdwardEdward Diller 1965–1985 Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature Visiting Fulbright Lecturer to Germany in 1967 and Fulbright grantee


Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Denecke, Arno H.Arno H. Denecke Former professor of law Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice
Frohnmayer, DaveDave Frohnmayer Former dean and professor of law Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice
Mankiller, WilmaWilma Mankiller 2005–2006 Former Wayne Morse Chair of Law and Politics First female principal chief of the Cherokee Nation [27]
Morse, WayneWayne Morse Former dean of the School of Law, former assistant professor of law Former US Senator
Ogletree, CharlesCharles Ogletree 2001–2002 Former Wayne Morse Chair of Law and Politics [28]
O'Connell, Kenneth J.Kenneth J. O'Connell Former professor of law Former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice
Schuman, DavidDavid Schuman 1987–1997, 2001 Former associate dean of academic affairs, former professor of law Current Oregon Court of Appeals Judge [29]
Mary Christina Wood Philip H. Knight Professor of Law Director of the University of Oregon School of Law's Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program [30]

Journalism and communication

Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Youm, Kyu HoKyu Ho Youm Professor of journalism Journalism and communication law scholar [31]
Tobar, HéctorHéctor Tobar Assistant professor of journalism Pulitzer Prize winner (1993 spot news reporting) [32]

Music and Dance

Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Crumb, DavidDavid Crumb Assistant professor of composition Composer
Kyr, RobertRobert Kyr Philip H. Knight Professor of Composition and Theory Composer [33]

Natural sciences

Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Brau, James E.James E. Brau Philip H. Knight Professor of Natural Science; Director, Center for High Energy Physics High Energy Particle Physicist; ATLAS experiment, Large Hadron Collider, CERN; LIGO; International Linear Collider [34]
Bustamante, CarlosCarlos Bustamante Former professor of chemistry Molecular Biologist
Carrick, Patrick G.Patrick G. Carrick Former Director of the Shared Laser Facility
Cashman, KatharineKatharine Cashman Former Philip H. Knight Professor of Natural Science Geologist, vulcanologist [35]
Condon, ThomasThomas Condon Former Professor of Geology Geologist and paleontologist
Donnelly, RussellRussell Donnelly 1966–1972
Former Physics Department chair; retired Professor of Physics Physicist renowned in the field of low temperature physics [36]
Driver, JonJon Driver 1990–1991 Former visiting Assistant professor of Psychology [37]
Douglas, Sarah A.Sarah A. Douglas Professor Emerita of Computer & Information Science Known for her pioneering research in human-computer interaction; elected to European Academy of Sciences, June 2002
Herskowitz, IraIra Herskowitz 1972–1981 Former professor at the Institute of Molecular Biology Geneticist [38]
Hsu, StephenStephen Hsu Former professor of theoretical physics Co-founder of SafeWeb
Hyman, RayRay Hyman Professor emeritus of psychology One of the founders of the modern skeptical movement [39]
Lin, HuaxinHuaxin Lin Professor of mathematics
Luks, EugeneEugene Luks Professor emeritus of computer science Known for his research on the graph isomorphism problem and on algorithms for computational group theory
Stephanie A. Majewski Assistant professor of physics Experimental high energy particle physics; Department of Energy Early Career Research award [40]
Matthews, BrianBrian Matthews Professor emeritus of physics Biochemist, biophysicist [38]
Neville, HelenHelen Neville 1995–present Professor of psychology and neuroscience Neuroscientist [41]
Niven, Ivan M.Ivan M. Niven Former professor of mathematics Number theorist; former president of the Mathematics Association of America
Novick, AaronAaron Novick Founder of the Institute of Molecular Biology Member of the Manhattan Project [38]
Richmond, GeraldineGeraldine Richmond 1985–present Professor of Chemistry Chemist, Recipient of the National Medal of Science [42]
Posner, MichaelMichael Posner Professor emeritus of neuroscience Neuroscientist [43]
Slovic, PaulPaul Slovic Professor of psychology Judgement and decision making
Soper, DavisonDavison Soper Professor of Physics J. J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics, is presented by the American Physical Society
Stahl, FranklinFranklin Stahl Professor emeritus of biology Conducted Meselson–Stahl experiment in 1958
Starbuck, William H.William H. Starbuck Professor of management Cognitive psychologist on organizational behavior
Streisinger, GeorgeGeorge Streisinger Former professor of biology First person to clone a vertebrate (1981) [44]
Thornton, JosephJoseph Thornton 2002–2012 Former professor of biology Evolutionary biologist [45]
Tyler, Leona E.Leona E. Tyler Former dean of the graduate school and former professor of psychology Former president of the American Psychological Association
Williams, Roger J.Roger J. Williams Former professor of chemistry Discovered pantothenic acid; former president of the American Chemical Society

Athletic staff

Name Term Position(s) Notability Reference
Altman, DanaDana Altman Current Basketball Head Coach
Bellotti, MikeMike Bellotti Former Athletic Director, football head coach, and offensive coordinator ‡ESPN analyst
Bowerman, BillBill Bowerman Former track and field head coach
Brooks, RichRich Brooks Former football head coach ‡Former football head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats
Crowton, GaryGary Crowton Former football offensive coordinator Former head coach of BYU
Dellinger, BillBill Dellinger Former track and field head coach
Harter, DickDick Harter Former basketball head coach Former head coach of the Charlotte Hornets
Hayward, BillBill Hayward Former track and field coach, former athletic director ‡Former Olympic coach
Hobson, HowardHoward Hobson Former basketball head coach
Horton, GeorgeGeorge Horton Baseball head coach ‡Former baseball head coach of the Cal State Fullerton Titans
Kelly, ChipChip Kelly Former football head coach, former offensive coordinator
Kilkenny, PatrickPatrick Kilkenny Former athletic director
Kent, ErnieErnie Kent Former basketball head coach
Koetter, DirkDirk Koetter Former football offensive coordinator Former football head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils
Lananna, VinVin Lananna Associate athletic director and track and field head coach ‡Former track and field head coach of the Stanford Cardinal
Petersen, ChrisChris Petersen Former wide receivers coach Football head coach of the Boise State Broncos
Seifert, GeorgeGeorge Seifert Former assistant football coach Former football head coach of the San Francisco 49ers
Tedford, JeffJeff Tedford Former football offensive coordinator Football head coach of the California Golden Bears

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† Was also an alumnus of the University of Oregon
‡ Notability inherent within the position at the University of Oregon


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