Lazio regional election, 2010

Lazio regional election, 2010
March 28–29, 2010

All 70 seats to the Regional Council of Lazio
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Renata Polverini Emma Bonino
Party People of Freedom Radicals
Last election 28 seats, 47.4% 42 seats, 50,7%
Seats won 45 29
Seat change +17 -13
Popular vote 1,409,025 1,331,375
Percentage 51.1% 48.3%
Swing +3.7% -2.3%

President of Lazio before election

Esterino Montino
Democratic Party

President of Lazio

Renata Polverini
People of Freedom

The Lazio regional election of 2010 took place in Lazio, Italy, on 28–29 March 2010.

Piero Marrazzo of the Democratic Party (PD), who was elected President in 2005, seemed a strong candidate for the centre-left in 2010, being the most popular of the possible candidates and the winner in most head-to-head contests with leading centre-right figures.[1] However, an abrupt scandal invested him in October 2009 and finally led to his dramatic resignation.[2]

After that, the candidate of The People of Freedom (PdL) seemed a shoo-in for victory.[3][4] As Lazio had been a traditional stronghold of Fini's National Alliance party, that merged into the PdL as junior partner of Berlusconi's Forza Italia in 2007, Renata Polverini, supported by Gianfranco Fini, was chosen.[5] Polverini, a woman, was a strange choice for a centre-right party as she was the respected leader of the General Labour Union (UGL), a trade union close to the former National Alliance but independent from it, and a self-proclaimed "socialist",[6] so that she was praised by left-wingers, including the popular newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano,[7] and criticized by a right-wing newspaper, Il Giornale, that refused to endorse her.[8]

After that, the list of the PdL was disqualified from participating in the election in the Province of Rome,[9] that accounted for four-fifths of the total electorate of Lazio, the election was fairly uncertain, with Bonino in the lead according to some opinion polls.

Despite this, on election day, Polverini beat Bonino in hard-fought battle thanks to a 3.7% swing.


Candidates & parties votes votes (%) seats
reg. list
prov. lists
Renata Polverini 1,409,025 51.14 15 30
Polverini List 646,774 26.36 17
The People of Freedom 291,199 11.87 8
Union of the Centre 150,293 6.13 3
The Right 97,186 3.96 2
Populars–UDEUR 21,120 0.86 0
Alliance of the Centre 17,375 0.71 0
Network Liberal Sgarbi 15,537 0.63 0
The People of Life – The Voice of Consumers 12,531 0.51 0
Pensioners' Party 8,079 0.33 0
Emma Bonino 1,331,375 48.32 1 28
Democratic Party 645,187 26.30 15
Italy of Values 211,561 8.62 5
Bonino-Pannella List 80,982 3.30 2
Left Ecology Freedom 77,134 3.14 2
Federation of the Left 67,386 2.75 1
Citizens for Bonino 40,097 1.63 1
Italian Socialist Party 33,160 1.35 1
Federation of the Greens 29,725 1.21 1
Marzia Marzoli 14,685 0.53 0 0
Network of Citizens 7,860 0.32 0
Total 2,755,085 100.00 16 58

Source: Ministry of the Interior – Historical Archive of Elections


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