Latvijas Pasts

VAS Latvijas Pasts
State joint-stock company
Industry Mail
Founded January 2, 1992 (1992-01-02)[1]
Headquarters Riga, Latvia
Number of locations
600 post offices (2013)[2]
Area served
Key people
Mārcis Vilcāns (Chairman)[3]
Owner Government of Latvia
Number of employees
  • Decrease more than 4,200 (2013)[2]
  • 4,413 (2012)[4]:26

VAS Latvijas Pasts (English: Latvia Post) is the main state-owned postal service provider in Latvia headquartered in Riga. It was founded on 2 January, 1992, following shortly after the restoration of independence of the country.[1]


Latvia Post was founded on 2 January, 1992 as a state-owned company, prior to which multiple postal companies had already existed in the territory. On 1 November 2004, Latvia Post was re-registered simply as a state joint-stock company instead of having the status of a nonprofit organization state stock company.[1]

In 2014, Latvia Post partook in the transition from lats to euro that took place in the whole country by providing currency exchange services following the official exchange rate of 1.00 LVL for 1.42 EUR for 3 months in 302 post offices where it was deemed necessary due to local banking service availability issues.[5]

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