Cyprus Postal Services

Typical post office sign with modern pillar box
Old pillar box

Cyprus Postal Services is the postal operator of Cyprus and operate the government-operated Post Office.[1] A legacy of British colonial rule is the use of pillar boxes (mail boxes) with the initials of the British monarch, although after independence they were painted yellow.

Cyprus adopted a new postcode system on October 1, 1994. The alphanumerical code precedes the name of the town or city, hence:


The 'CY' prefix is only required for mail originating from abroad.

The postcode number ranges for the administrative areas are:

Nicosia District:   1000-2999
Limassol District:  3000-4999
Famagusta District: 5000-5999
Larnaca District:   6000-7999
Paphos District:    8000-8999
Kyrenia District:   9000-9999

The system covers the entire island, including the disputed area under Turkish occupation known as the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus', but only a few have been allocated. Mail to that part of the island must be sent via 'MERSIN 10, TURKEY', as it is not recognised by the Universal Postal Union.


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