State-owned company
Industry Postal service
Founded 29 September 1999
Headquarters Baku, Azerbaijan
Area served
Azerbaijan / Worldwide
Key people
Director General - Bəybalayev Qəmbər Bəylər oğlu
Services Postal delivery/Package delivery/Mail collecting
Revenue 773.5 million Azerbaijani manat (2007)
Owner Republic of Azerbaijan
(Azerbaijani) (English)

Azərpoçt is the company responsible for postal service in Azerbaijan.

Azərpoçt was founded on 29 September 1999 by the Ministry of Communication of Azerbaijan, by order "Number 151" titled "On continuation of reforms and improvement of a structure in post communication field".[1] It replaced the previous "Azərpoçt İstehsalat Birliyi" (Azerpost Production Union) which had been created following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Azərpoçt became the national postal operator in 2004, and covers all territories of Azerbaijan.[1]

Azərpoçt has 4 affiliated branches. These are sorting and technical support services, express mail and special communication. Azərpoçt itself has 71 branches. These provide postal services and some commercial services to customers through the post offices. There are about 1,500 post offices of Azərpoçt. They are under the supervision of the branches and primarily provide postal services.

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