LSU Tigers women's volleyball

LSU Tigers women's volleyball
University Louisiana State University
Conference SEC
Western Division
Location Baton Rouge, LA
Head coach Fran Flory (17th year)
Home arena Pete Maravich Assembly Center (Capacity: 13,215)
Colors Purple and Gold[1]
AIAW and NCAA Tournament Final Four
1990, 1991
AIAW and NCAA Tournament Appearances
1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Conference Tournament Champions
1986, 1989, 1990, 1991
Conference Regular Season Champions
1986, 1989, 1990, 1991, 2009

The LSU Tigers[n 1] women's volleyball team represents Louisiana State University in the sport of indoor volleyball. The Tigers compete in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and the Southeastern Conference (SEC), and play their home matches in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on the university's Baton Rouge, Louisiana campus. They are currently led by head coach Fran Flory.[3]


The LSU Tigers volleyball team, originally known as "Lady Tigers", played its first season in 1974. The first coach of the Lady Tigers was Jinks Coleman (1974–1976) who compiled a record of 75–22 (.773) at LSU. In 1977, Gerry Owens (1977–1980) become head volleyball coach at LSU and amassed a record of 95–49 (.660) during her 4 years as LSU head coach. The Lady Tigers brought in a new head coach for the 1981 season. Ruth Nelson (1981–1984) guided the Lady Tigers for 4 years and had a record of 128–98 (.566).

In 1985, Scott Luster (1985–1997) was named head volleyball coach at LSU. During his 13 years as the Lady Tigers head coach, he compiled a record of 308–161 (.657). During his tenure, the Lady Tigers made two Final Fours and made the NCAA tournament 6 times in 1986, 1987 and 1989–1992. The Lady Tigers also won both the SEC regular season and SEC tournament championships in 1986, 1989, 1990 and 1991. Four LSU Lady Tigers were chosen All-American under Coach Luster.

After the 1997 season, Fran Flory was hired as head coach to replace Scott Luster. During her tenure, the Tigers have compiled a record of 318–195 (.620). The Tigers have made the NCAA Tournament 6 times in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. The Tigers also won the 2009 SEC regular season championship. Flory has coached 1 All-American during her tenure at LSU.

American Volleyball Coaches Association


Player Year(s)-Team
Wendy Stammer 1986–2nd Team
Monique Adams 1990–1st Team, 1991–1st Team
Angie Miller 1991–2nd Team, 1992–1st Team
Daniela Reis 1991–2nd Team, 1992–2nd Team
Brittnee Cooper 2009–1st Team

Year-by-year results

Year Head Coach Overall
Standing Division Postseason
LSU Tigers (Southeastern Conference) (1974–present)
1974 Jinks Coleman 23–6
1975 Jinks Coleman 27–11
1976 Jinks Coleman 25–5
1977 Gerry Owens 41–9
1978 Gerry Owens 28–2
1979 Gerry Owens 15–17
1980 Gerry Owens 11–21
1981 Ruth Nelson 35–24
1982 Ruth Nelson 44–25
1983 Ruth Nelson 31–26 4–1 2nd
1984 Ruth Nelson 18–23 4–2 3rd
1985 Scott Luster 33–10 5–1 T-1st
1986 Scott Luster 35–9 5–1 T-1st NCAA Tournament
1987 Scott Luster 25–11 6–1 2nd NCAA Tournament
1988 Scott Luster 22–13 5–2 T-2nd
1989 Scott Luster 30–8 8–0 1st NCAA Tournament
1990 Scott Luster 34–7 8–0 T-1st NCAA Final Four
1991 Scott Luster 35–2 13–1 1st NCAA Final Four
1992 Scott Luster 26–9 12–2 2nd NCAA Tournament
1993 Scott Luster 21–16 8–6 4th
1994 Scott Luster 8–23 4–11 9th
1995 Scott Luster 20–12 8–7 2nd West
1996 Scott Luster 10–20 6–9 4th West
1997 Scott Luster 9–21 0–15 6th West
1998 Fran Flory 15–16 5–10 T-3rd West
1999 Fran Flory 17–15 7–8 T-3rd West
2000 Fran Flory 15–17 6–9 3rd West
2001 Fran Flory 16–11 10–5 T-2nd West
2002 Fran Flory 17–11 9–7 2nd West
2003 Fran Flory 11–19 6–10 3rd West
2004 Fran Flory 17–12 8–8 3rd West
2005 Fran Flory 21–8 11–5 T-1st West NCAA First Round
2006 Fran Flory 26–6 16–4 1st West NCAA First Round
2007 Fran Flory 25–8 15–5 1st West NCAA Second Round
2008 Fran Flory 18–10 13–7 1st West NCAA First Round
2009 Fran Flory 25–7 18–2 1st West NCAA Second Round
2010 Fran Flory 25–5 16–4 1st West NCAA First Round
2011 Fran Flory 19–11 12–8 1st West
2012 Fran Flory 12–17 8–12 T-3rd West
2013 Fran Flory 19–13 8–10 9th
2014 Fran Flory 20–9 14–4 3rd NCAA Second Round
2015 Fran Flory
Total 924-525 278–177


Pete Maravich Assembly Center

The Pete Maravich Assembly Center is a 13,215-seat multi-purpose arena in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The arena opened in 1972 and is home of the LSU Tigers volleyball team. It was originally known as the LSU Assembly Center, but was renamed in honor of Pete Maravich, a Tiger basketball legend, shortly after his death in 1988. The Maravich Center is known to locals as "The PMAC" or "The Palace that Pete Built", or by its more nationally known nickname, "The Deaf Dome", coined by Dick Vitale.[4]

The slightly oval building is located directly to the north of Tiger Stadium, and its bright-white roof can be seen in many telecasts of that stadium. The arena concourse is divided into four quadrants: Pete Maravich Pass, The Walk of Champions, Heroes Hall and Midway of Memories. The quadrants highlight former LSU Tiger athletes, individual and team awards and memorabilia pertaining to the history of LSU Tigers volleyball.[5]

Practice and Training facilities

LSU Volleyball Practice facility

The LSU Tigers Volleyball Practice facility is located in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. It includes a state-of-the-art locker room facility, film room, equipment room and training rooms off the arenas southwest corridor. The auxiliary gym located underneath the north section of the arena is a volleyball-only practice facility.[6]

LSU Strength and Conditioning facility

The LSU Tigers basketball strength training and conditioning facility is located in the LSU Strength and Conditioning facility. Built in 1997, it is located adjacent to Tiger Stadium.[7] Measuring 10,000-square feet with a flat surface, it has 28 multi-purpose power stations, 36 assorted selectorized machines and 10 dumbbell stations along with a plyometric specific area, medicine balls, hurdles, plyometric boxes and assorted speed and agility equipment.[8] It also features 2 treadmills, 4 stationary bikes, 2 elliptical cross trainers, a stepper and stepmill.[9]

Head coaches

Name Years Record at LSU
Jinks Coleman 1974–1976 75–22 Overall
Gerry Owens 1977–1980 95–49 Overall
Ruth Nelson 1981–1984 128–98 Overall, 8–3 SEC
Scott Luster 1985–1997 308–161 Overall, 160–103 SEC
Fran Flory 1998–present 318–195 Overall, 182–117 SEC


  1. LSU uses the nickname of "Lady Tigers" only in sports that have both men's and women's teams. Since LSU only sponsors volleyball for women, that team uses "Tigers" instead.[2]


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