Louisiana State University Athletic Hall of Fame

LSU Athletic Hall of Fame - Jack and Priscilla Andonie Museum

The Louisiana State University Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes members of the LSU Tigers and Lady Tigers athletics program that have made a lasting impact on Louisiana State University (LSU). To be eligible for the Hall of Fame in the Athlete category, an individual must have earned a college degree and gained national distinction through superlative performance. Hall of Fame candidates must also have established a personal reputation for character and citizenship. To be eligible in the Coach/Administrator category, the individual must have made significant contributions to LSU Athletics and gained national distinction through exceptional accomplishments in his or her field of expertise while establishing an image that reflects favorably upon the University.

The Jack and Priscilla Andonie Museum located on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the physical location of the Louisiana State University Athletic Hall of Fame.


Inducted Member
2009 Jeff Boss (Equipment manager)
2011 Carl Maddox (Athletics director)

Athletic Council

Inducted Member
1942 James F. Broussard

Athletic training

Inducted Member
2008 Dr. Martin J. Broussard
2015 Mike Chambers
2015 Herman Lang


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Inducted Member
1978 Joe Bill Adcock
1981 Alvin Dark
2006 Todd Walker
2007 Eddy Furniss
2008 Harry Rabenhorst (Head coach)
2011 Skip Bertman (Head coach)
2011 Lloyd Peever
2013 Kurt Ainsworth

Retired numbers

Number Year Member
15 2010 Skip Bertman
19 2010 Ben McDonald
36 2016 Eddy Furniss

Men's basketball

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Inducted Member
1937 Malcolm "Sparky" Wade
1952 Joe Dean
1954 Bob Pettit
1990 Durand "Rudy" Macklin
2000 Shaquille O'Neal
2008 Harry Rabenhorst (Head coach)
2013 Dale Brown (Head coach)
2013 Frank Brian

Retired numbers

Number Year Member
50 1954 Bob Pettit
23 1970 Pete Maravich
33 2000 Shaquille O'Neal
40 2010 Rudy Macklin

Women's basketball


Inducted Member
1998 Pokey Chatman
2007 Marie Ferdinand
2009 Sue Gunter
2011 Seimone Augustus
2015 Sylvia Fowles

Retired numbers

Number Year Member
33 2010 Seimone Augustus


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Inducted Member
1939 J. L. Golsan
1940 Heston Daniel
1948 Henry Glaze
1950 Edsel "Tad" Thrash
1954 Calvin Clary
1958 Wilbert Moss
1977 Robert L. "Bobby" Freeman
1983 Al Michael
1995 William Snyder Parham


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Inducted Member
1937 Ruffin G. Pleasant
1937 G. E. "Doc" Fenton
1937 J. J. Seip
1937 R. B. Howell
1937 Lawrence Dupont
1937 Tom Dutton
1937 Clarence Ives
1937 Newton C. Helm
1937 C. C. "Charlie" Mason
1937 Guy Nesom
1937 Abe Mickal
1937 Jesse Fatheree
1937 Marvin Stewart
1937 Gaynell Tinsley
1938 Edward Robertson
1938 Charles Rohm
1940 Ken Kavanaugh
1944 Steve Van Buren
1947 Clyde Lindsey
1948 Y. A. Tittle
1949 Abner Wimberly
1951 Kenny Konz
1954 Jerry Marchand
1956 Sid Fournet
1956 Joe Tuminello
1957 Jim Taylor
1961 W. E. "Bill" Pitcher
1964 Fred Miller
1964 Norman Stevens
1975 Percy Brown
1975 Billy Cannon
1976 Osborne "Butch" Helveston
1976 Doug Moreau
1976 Roy "Moonie" Winston
1977 Jerry Stovall
1978 Charles Strange
1978 Johnny Robinson
1980 Tommy Casanova
1982 George Bevan
1983 Tyler Lafauci
1988 Ron Estay
1988 Brad Davis
1988 Warren Capone
1989 Charles Alexander
1989 William B. Baggett, Sr.
1990 Robert W. Dugas
1991 Warren Rabb
1992 Bert Jones
2005 Tommy Hodson
2006 Kevin Faulk
2007 Nacho Albergamo
2007 Kevin Mawae
2007 Charles McClendon (Head coach)
2008 Anthony McFarland
2008 Bernie Moore (Head coach)
2009 James Britt
2009 Paul Dietzel
2011 Wendell Davis
2015 Ebert Van Buren

Retired numbers

Number Year Member
20 1959 Billy Cannon
37 2009 Tommy Casanova

Men's golf

Inducted Member
1938 Fred Haas, Jr.
1941 Henry Castillo
1970 B. R. Mac McLendon
1981 Gardner Dickinson, Jr.
1989 Paul Leslie
2005 Eddie Merrins

Women's golf

Inducted Member
2009 Jenny Lidback


Inducted Member
1996 Sandra Smith Whitmire
1999 Jeanie Beadle Staples
2006 Jennifer Wood
2013 Amy McClosky-McGinley
2015 April Burkholder


Inducted Member
2009 Britni Sneed

Men's swimming & diving

Inducted Member
1943 Robert Percy
1987 Richard "Rick" Meador
2015 Todd Torres

Women's swimming & diving

Inducted Member
2013 Ashley Culpepper-Gluck

Men's tennis

Main article: LSU Tigers tennis
Inducted Member
1975 Steve Faulk
1998 Donnie Leaycraft

Men's track & field

Inducted Member
1937 Sidney Bowman
1937 Nathan Blair
1937 Glenn Hardin
1937 Jack Torrance
1937 Al Moreau
1937 Matthew Gordy
1941 Billy Brown
1947 Oris Erwin
1970 William Hardin
1978 Robert Lowther
1978 R. Delmon McNabb
1982 Joseph T. Butler, Sr.
1986 Harry Carpenter
2005 Eric Reid
2005 Bob Smith
2008 Bernie Moore (Head coach)

Women's track & field

Inducted Member
1991 Lurline Struppeck
1998 Schowanda Williams
2006 D'Andre Hill
2006 Cheryl Taplin
2009 Esther Jones
2011 Suzette Lee
2015 Kim Carson
2015 Laverne Eve


Inducted Member
2013 Daniela Reis

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