Lëtzebuerger Journal

Lëtzebuerger Journal
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Editions Lëtzeburger Journal S.A.
Publisher Imprimerie Centrale
Editor-in-chief Claude Kargar
Associate editor Nic Dicken
Founded 5 April 1948
Political alignment Centrist (DP)
Language German
Headquarters Luxembourg City
Circulation 5,150 (2004)
Website www.journal.lu

The Lëtzebuerger Journal is a daily newspaper in Luxembourg. It holds a centrist liberal editorial position, supporting the Democratic Party.[1]

History and profile

Lëtzebuerger Journal was first published on 5 April 1948,[2] replacing the Obermosel-Zeitung and l'Unio'n, which ceased publication the same year.[3] Both of those newspapers were attempts to create a mass-circulation liberal newspaper, like the Luxemburger Zeitung of the pre-war era, which had a long tradition, but had been discredited politically.[3] Although the paper is published in German it also has sections published in French.[2]

In 2004 the newspaper had a circulation of 5,150 copies, making it the fifth most widely circulated of the country's (then) six daily newspapers.[4] However, due to its close ties to the Democratic Party, Luxembourg's third largest party and a regular coalition partner in government, the Journal's significance is much greater than this circulation would suggest.[3]

The newspaper received €540,421 in annual state press subsidy in 2009.[5]


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