List of rulers of Tír Eoghain

This article lists the Kings of Tír Eoghain or Tyrone from 1185 to 1616. They are listed from their date of accession to date of death, unless otherwise stated.

Prior to this, the ruling dynasty - the Cenél nEógain - were most of the Kings of Ailech. During the tenth and eleventh centuries, two main septs within the dynasty emerged; the Meic Lochlainn and the Ó Néill. The latter family pushed aside the Meic Lochlainn, and from 1241 onwards the kingdom was ruled exclusively by members of the Ó Néill family.

For the O'Neill kingdom, distinct from Tyrone, that was ruled by the descendants of Aedh Buidhe mac Domnaill Óg below, see Clandeboye.

Kings of Tír Eóghain 1185-1616

It could also be argued that Conn Bachach had taken the title earl of Tyrone in 1542, as part of the process of Surrender and regrant, and in the process had waived his title. Whether he could waive it without consulting his clan derbfine is part of this debate.

Conn Bacach's grandson Aodh Mor was not proclaimed king at Tullyhogue in 1593, but assumed the title after arranging to pay Turlough Luineach an annuity.


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