Kalotina motorway

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Kalotina motorway
Автомагистрала „Калотина“

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Route information
Part of E80
Major junctions
From: Sofia
To: Kalotina ; Serbia
Major cities: Sofia, Slivnitsa
Highway system
Motorways in Bulgaria
Proposed route of the motorway.

The Kalotina motorway (Bulgarian: Автомагистрала „Калотина“, Avtomagistrala "Kalotina") is a planned motorway[nb 1] that will link the Sofia ring road in the Bulgarian capital with the border crossing with Serbia near Kalotina. It will span for approximately 50 kilometers (31 mi). It is planned to be connected with the Serbian A4 motorway.


The first 31.5 km of the motorway (Kalotina–Herakovo) were tendered in 2012,[1] and the construction works were expected to begin in 2013.[2][3] The route in the tendered section follows the existing major road 8/European route E80 road and also is part of Pan-European Corridor X, branch C. In October 2013 the tender procedure was cancelled due to lacking financing under the allocated for Bulgaria EU funds.[4]

In May 2014, the section between Kalotina and Herakovo has been retendered. This time it's divided into 2 sublots, Kalotina-Dragoman and Dragoman-Herakovo. The costs are estimated at 200 million levs (102.26 million euro).[5][6] Later, this tender also was cancelled.

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  1. Still not designated as of March 2013.


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