Pan-European Corridor X

Pan-European Corridor X

Pan-European Corridor X runs across southern Eastern Europe from Austria to Greece

Pan-European Corridor X highlighted in red
Major junctions
Start end: Salzburg (Austria)
End end: Thessaloniki (Greece)
Countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Greece
Highway system
Pan-European corridors

The Corridor X is one of the pan-European corridors. It runs between Salzburg in Austria and Thessaloniki in Greece. The corridor passes through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece. It has four branches: Xa, Xb, Xc and Xd.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has given loans to support infrastructure improvements along Corridor X.[1]


X: Salzburg - Ljubljana - Zagreb - Belgrade - Niš - Skopje - Veles - Thessaloniki.

Branch A (Corridor Xa)

Main article: Corridor Xa

Corridor Xa runs between Graz, Austria and Zagreb, Croatia through three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

Branch C (Corridor Xc)

Corridor Xc follows the route Niš - Sofia - Plovdiv - Edirne - Istanbul.

The road in Serbia from Niš to the Bulgarian border nearby Dimitrovgrad currently is being upgraded to a motorway standard. The construction works in all sections are expected to be completed in 2017.

In Bulgaria, I-8 road connect Sofia with the Serbian border, but Kalotina motorway is planned to sepersede it. Currently the transit traffic has to pass via the Sofia Ring Road, but a new bypass Northern Speed Tangent is under construction since 2015[2] and is expected to be completed in 2016. Trakia motorway (A1) runs from Sofia to Chirpan, where Maritsa motorway (A4), completed in October 2015,[3] branches off to Turkey.

In Turkey, Otoyol 3 motorway runs from Edirne to Istanbul.


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