• כַּעְבִּיָּה-טַבָּאשׁ-חַגָ'גְ'רָה
  • كعبية طباش الحجاجرة
Hebrew transcription(s)
  ISO 259 Kaˁbíya - Ṭabašh - Ḥaǧaǧra
  Translit. Ka'abiya-Tabash-Hajajra
Coordinates: 32°44′57.78″N 35°11′1.22″E / 32.7493833°N 35.1836722°E / 32.7493833; 35.1836722Coordinates: 32°44′57.78″N 35°11′1.22″E / 32.7493833°N 35.1836722°E / 32.7493833; 35.1836722
District Northern
  Type Local council (from 1996)
  Head of Municipality Yaser Tabash
  Total 1,653 dunams (1.653 km2 or 408 acres)
Population (2015)[1]
  Total 4,978

Ka'abiyye-Tabbash-Hajajre is an Arab local council in the Northern District of Israel. It was declared as a local council in 1996. In 2015 it had a population of 4,978, the majority of whom are Muslims.

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