• רֵינָה, ריינה
  • الرينة
Hebrew transcription(s)
  ISO 259 Réina
  Also spelled Reine (official)

Reineh local council building
Coordinates: 32°43′19.79″N 35°18′55.21″E / 32.7221639°N 35.3153361°E / 32.7221639; 35.3153361Coordinates: 32°43′19.79″N 35°18′55.21″E / 32.7221639°N 35.3153361°E / 32.7221639; 35.3153361
Grid position 179/236 PAL
District Northern
  Type Local council (from 1968)
  Total 10,902 dunams (10.902 km2 or 4.209 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
  Total 18,475

Reineh (Arabic: الرينة; Hebrew: רֵינָה) is an Arab village in northern Israel. Located in the Galilee,[2] between Nazareth and Qana of Galilee, it attained local council status in 1968. In 2015 it had a population of 18,475, the majority of whom are Muslims, with a significant Christian minority.

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