Hungarian Radical Party

Hungarian Radical Party
Magyar Radikális Párt
First leader Imre Csécsy
Last leader Mihály Rózsa
Founded 3 March 1945 (1st)
3 March 1989 (2nd)
Dissolved 1949 (officially existed) (1st)
21 October 1998 (2nd)
Newspaper Haladás
Ideology Social liberalism
Political position Left-wing
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The Hungarian Radical Party (Hungarian: Magyar Radikális Párt, MRP) was a political party in Hungary in the period after World War II. The party was revived after the end of communism in 1989–90, but remained unsuccessful.


The party was founded in November 1944 by Imre Csécsy, although it was not organised properly until the spring of 1945.[1] In the parliamentary elections that year it received just 0.1% of the vote, failing to win a seat.[2] The 1947 elections saw the party increase its vote share to 1.7%, winning six seats.

Prior to the 1949 elections it was forced to join the Communist-led Hungarian Independent People's Front. The Front ran a single list chosen by the Hungarian Working People's Party, with MRP members winning four seats.[2] Following the elections the party ceased to function, although was not officially dissolved.[2]

Parliamentary representation

Election year National Assembly Government
overall votes
% of
overall vote
overall seats won
0.12% (#6)
0 / 409
1.71% (#8)
6 / 411
Increase 6 in opposition
4 / 402
Decrease 2 in government

1MRP was a member of the Communist-led Hungarian Independence People's Front (MFN). Hungary became a one-party state after the 1949 election.


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