Hormizd VI

Hormizd VI
Shahanshah of Ērānshahr

Coin of Hormizd VI
Reign 630–631
Predecessor Azarmidokht
Successor Khosrau IV
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Religion Zoroastrianism

Hormizd VI (Persian: هرمز) was a Sasanian king of parts of Persia from 630 to 631. He was one of the many pretenders who rose after the murder of Khosrau II (590628) in 628. He maintained himself about two years (630632) in the district of Nisibis. He was the grandson of Khosrau II.[1]


Hormizd VI
Preceded by
Great King (Shah) of Persia
Succeeded by
Khosrau IV

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