Herman I, Margrave of Baden

Herman (c. 1040 – April 25, 1074 in Cluny), was the Margrave of Verona and the ancestor of the line of Margraves of Baden.

Herman was born in Freiburg im Breisgau, the oldest son of Berthold I, Duke of Carinthia. He married Judit of Backnang-Sulichgau, Countess of Eberstein-Calw, who was the founder of Hirsau Abbey. From her, Hermann obtained the right to Baden-Baden, which later became the core of the family dominions. Among those lands were the Frankish Albgau and Ufgau.

Hermann I and his wife founded the Augustinian monastery of Backnang Abbey. It quickly became dilapidated, and was rebuilt by their son in 1123. Subsequently, the monastery was the resting place for five generations of the margraves of Baden.

When Herman's father became duke of Carinthia in 1061, Herman received the title of Margrave of Verona. While he never ruled in Verona, a dependency of Carinthia, the margrave title was to remain with his descendants. He was also count of the Breisgau.

In 1073 Hermann separated from his wife, took monastic vows, and became a lay brother in Cluny Abbey, where he died. He is celebrated in the Catholic Church on April 25.

Hermann I and Judit had the following children:

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Berthold I of Baden
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