Leader's Academy High School for Business and Academic Success

Leader's Academy High School for Business and Academic Success is a Grade 7–12 state charter school located on the campus of Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Windsor Village, Houston, in the U.S. state of Texas. The school was formerly named Gulf Shores Academy.


Gulf Shores Academy opened in 1998. The Texas Education Agency tried to shut down the charter school for several years. At a point the school owed the state US$11 million for over-reporting attendance. Harris County prosecutors said that the original founders of the academy sold forged transcripts to undercover investigators. The school moved around from location to location and had a high teacher turnover rate.[1]

In the late 2000s the Windsor Village United Methodist Church took over the school. Originally the church planned to use the former charter, but it decided to ask the Houston Independent School District to turn the campus into a district charter. The HISD board voted regarding turning Leader's Academy for High School for Business and Academic Success into a district charter. Members of the charter school's board of trustees as of 2009 include Rod Paige, the former Secretary of Education of the U.S., and Kirbyjon Caldwell, the senior pastor of the church.[1]

Dress code

The charter school plans to require students to wear "business attire" and carry briefcases to school.[1]

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