Windsor Village United Methodist Church

Windsor Village United Methodist Church is a Methodist church in Windsor Village in far Southwest Houston, Texas. It is headed by Kirbyjon Caldwell. In 2013 the church had 17,045 members, making it one of the largest Methodist churches in the United States. The church membership is mostly black; as of 2001 the church is one of six mostly black Methodist churches in the U.S. with a membership of over 3,000 members, and one of 94 churches total with a membership of over 3,000.[1] In 2006 it was also one of the largest Black churches in the US.[2] In 2003 6,000 people attended each Sunday morning or Saturday evening service.[3]


Up to the late 1970s the congregation was almost all white.[2]

In 1982 Windsor Village UMC had 25 members. Kirbyjon Caldwell became the pastor of the church during that year.[1]

In 2005 Kathy Taylor, the church soloist, and the church announced plans to record a live gospel CD.[4]


The church has over 90 ministries.[5] The church oversees The Imani School, a private elementary and middle school,[6] and it is one of the church's ministries.[5] Kingdom Builders Business Corp. serves as the church's nonprofit division.[7] The church established nine non-profit organizations since 1982. The Power Center, is a 104,000-square-foot (9,700 m2) complex intended to promote economic growth, is one of its non-profit projects.[1]

Leader's High School for Business and Economic Success, a Houston Independent School District charter school, is located on the church property.[8]

Relationship with Windsor Village community

Mary Ann Fergus of the Houston Chronicle said in 2003 that Windsor Village "residents differ in their view of this neighbor. Some say the church draws nothing but traffic and that Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell and his staff are not as involved in the civic club as they were 20 years ago. Others contend the church has always been an asset and recently improved the neighborhood via its developmental arm, Pyramid Community Development Corp."[3]

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