List of state-operated charter schools in Houston

This is a list of charter schools in Houston directly administered by the Texas Education Agency. This list does not include charter schools administered by local school districts such as Houston ISD and Spring Branch ISD.

List of charter schools in the city limits of Houston

PreK-12 schools

School Systems

K-12 schools

6-12 schools

9-12 schools

PreK-8 schools

K-8 schools

5-8 schools

PreK-7 schools

Secondary schools

High schools

Primary schools









List of charter schools near the city of Houston

Secondary schools (outside city limits)

6-12 schools (outside city limits)

High schools (outside city limits)

6-12 schools (outside city limits)

K-8 schools (outside city limits)

List of formerly-operated schools

List of state charters that are now district charters


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