Glass Pieces

Glass Pieces is a ballet made by New York City Ballet ballet master Jerome Robbins to Philip Glass' Rubric and Façades from Glassworks and excerpts from his opera Akhnaten. The premiere took place on Thursday, May 12, 1983 at the New York State Theater, Lincoln Center. The production was designed by the choreographer and Ronald Bates, the costumes by Ben Benson and the lighting by Mr. Bates.





  • Maria Calegari

NYCB revivals

2008 Spring – Jerome Robbins celebration

first cast
second cast

2009 Spring

2010 Fall

Tuesday, October 5[2]
Saturday, October 9
Sunday, October 10


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  2. also Friday, October 8th
  3. 1 2 3 Faye Arthurs replaced Savannah Lowery in Glass Pieces.
  4. Amanda Hankes replaced Ellen Bar in Glass Pieces.


  • Repertory Week, NYCB, Spring Season, 2008 repertory, week 8


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