Ives, Songs

Ives, Songs is a ballet made by New York City Ballet ballet master Jerome Robbins to songs of Charles Ives:

  • "The Children's Hour"
  • "Memories, Part A: Very Pleasant"
  • "Waltz"
  • "The Cage"
  • "The See'r"

  • "There is a Lane"
  • "In Summer Fields"
  • from the "Incantation"
  • "Autumn"
  • "Like a Sick Eagle"
  • "Elegie"

The premiere took place on February 4, 1988 at the New York State Theater, Lincoln Center, with scenery by David Mitchell, costumes by Florence Klotz and lighting by Jennifer Tipton. The singer was Timothy Nolen and the pianist Gordon Boelzner. Other works to the music of Ives in the City Ballet repertory include Peter Martins' Calcium Light Night, George Balanchine's Ivesiana and Eliot Feld's The Unanswered Question.


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  • Maria Calegari
  • Stacy Caddell
  • Katrina Killian
  • Margaret Tracey
  • Lauren Hauser
  • Melinda Roy
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Florence Fitzgerald
  • Stephanie Saland

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  1. cut from the ballet in June, 1990




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