Gille Brigte, Earl of Strathearn

The second seal of Gille Brigte, from a charter to the Abbey of Inchaffray

Gille Brigte of Strathearn (died 1223), sometimes also called Gilbert, is the third known earl or mormaer of Strathearn.

The eldest of three children born to Ferteth, Earl of Strathearn and his wife Eithne, he first appears on record in 1164, as a witness to a charter by King William to the monks of Scone. He succeed his father in 1171, and around this time was made Justiciar of Scotia, the highest legal official in the realm.

He does not seem to have taken a large role in public affairs, and does not often occur in public records. A number of royal charters do exist, granting him certain lands in Perthshire. He was more active in ecclesiastical affairs. He took an interest in the newly founded Abbey of Lindores, and in 1200 he and his wife founded an abbey at Inchaffray, dedicated to the memory of their eldest son Gille Críst, who had died two years previously. He was also a benefactor to Dunblane Cathedral.

Gille Brigte died in 1223, perhaps in his 70s, a very long life for the period, a testimony to his comparatively peaceful career.

Marriage and issue



    Regnal titles
    Preceded by
    Earl of Strathearn
    Succeeded by
    Legal offices
    Preceded by
    Donnchad II, Earl of Fife
    Justiciar of Scotia
    between 1172 and 1199
    with Donnchad II, Earl of Fife (c. 11721199)
    Matthew, Bishop of Aberdeen (c. 11721199)
    Succeeded by
    Donnchad II, Earl of Fife
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