Flame Vein

Flame Vein
Studio album by Bump of Chicken
Released March 18, 1999 (1999-03-18)
Recorded ???
Genre J-pop, rock
Length 36:22
Label High Line
Producer ???
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Flame Vein
The Living Dead

Flame Vein is the first studio album by Bump of Chicken, released on March 18, 1999. One track, "Arue", was later released as a limited print single. Another, "Little Braver", was later released on the "Lamp" single as a B-side. It was re-released on April 28, 2004 as Flame Vein +1 and included the song "Battle Cry" from B-side of the "Lamp" single.

Track listing

All tracks written by Fujiwara Motoo.

  1. "Glass no Blues" (ガラスのブルース Garasu no Burūsu) — 6:19
  2. "Trifling Song" (くだらない唄 Kudaranai Uta) — 4:03
  3. "Arue" (アルエ R.A.) — 4:18
  4. "Little Braver" (リトルブレイバー Ritorubureibā) — 5:13
  5. "No Hit No Run" (ノーヒットノーラン Nōhittonōran) — 4:25
  6. "Special Song" (とっておきの唄 Totteoki no Uta) — 5:35
  7. "Knife" (ナイフ Naifu) — 6:31

Flame Vein +1 re-release version

  1. "Battle Cry" (バトルクライ Batorukurai) — 4:37


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