Arue (song)

Single by Bump of Chicken
from the album Flame Vein
Released March 31, 2004
Format CD
Genre Rock
Label Toy's Factory
Writer(s) Motoo Fujiwara
Bump of Chicken singles chronology
"Sailing Day/Lost Man"
"Only Lonely Glory"

"Arue" (アルエ) is the seventh single by Bump of Chicken. The title track is from the album Flame Vein. The B-side is an acoustic version of "Ever Lasting Lie", from the album The Living Dead. The song's lyrics were inspired by the fictional character Rei Ayanami from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Track listing

All tracks written by Motoo Fujiwara. 

No. TitleJapanese/English Length
1. "Arue"  アルエ/R.A  
2. "Ever Lasting Lie" (acoustic)   
3. "Kassai (Hana ni Nare)" (hidden track)喝采 ~花になれ~/Applause (Become a Flower)  


Chart performance

Chart Peak
Oricon Weekly Charts[1] 2
2004 Oricon Top 100 Singles[1] 48


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