Orbital Period (album)

Orbital Period
Studio album by Bump of Chicken
Released December 19, 2007
Genre J-pop, rock
Length 70:59 (without hidden track)
Label Toy's Factory
Bump of Chicken chronology
Orbital Period
Present from You

Orbital Period is the fifth studio album by Bump of Chicken, released on December 19, 2007. The album features the singles "Planetarium", "Supernova/Karma", "Namida no Furusato", "Hana no Na", and "Mayday". Orbital period became the best-selling album two days in a row at debut, according to Oricon Style. It was the second best-selling album on its debut week.[1]

Track listing

  1. "Voyager"
  2. "Hoshi no Tori" (星の鳥 Star Bird)
  3. "Mayday" (メーデー) (Album version)
  4. "Sainoujin Ouenka" (才悩人応援歌 Fans' Song for Those Worried About Talent)
  5. "Planetarium" (プラネタリウム)
  6. "Supernova"
  7. "Hammer Song to Itami no Tou" (ハンマーソングと痛みの塔 Hammer Song and the Tower of Pain)
  8. "Jikuu Kakurenbo (時空かくれんぼ Spacetime Hide-and-Seek)
  9. "Kasabutabutabu" (かさぶたぶたぶ Scabcabcab)
  10. "Hana no Na" (花の名 Name of the Flower)
  11. "Hitorigoto" (ひとりごと Soliloquy)
  12. "Amedama no Uta" (飴玉の唄 The Candy Song)
  13. "Hoshi no Tori reprise" (星の鳥 reprise Star Bird Reprise)
  14. "Karma" (カルマ)
  15. "Arrows"
  16. "Namida no Furusato" (涙のふるさと Homeland of Tears)
  17. "Flyby"
  18. "Believe" (Hidden track)



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