Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany is a member church of the Evangelical Church in Germany. It was established on 27 May 2012 as a merger of the North Elbian Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mecklenburg, and the Pomeranian Evangelical Church. It covers the combined area of all those former member churches.

It is also called Nordkirche (North Church).


There are five bishops (7/2016): One Landesbischof as presiding bishop and four bischops for three districts (called "Sprengel"):

The Sprengel of Mecklenburg and Pommern got two bishops because of the latest merger of the former regional churches of Mecklenbrug and Pommern with Nordelbien. After a period of transition there will only be one bishop for the Sprengel. The headquarters (Landeskirchenamt) are based in Kiel and in Schwerin.


Ordination of women and blessing of same-sex unions were allowed.

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