Evangelical Church of Anhalt

Area served by the Evangelical Church of Anhalt within Germany.

The Evangelical Church of Anhalt (Evangelische Landeskirche Anhalts) is a United Protestant member church of the Evangelical Church in Germany. Its seat is in Dessau-Roßlau in Saxony-Anhalt, in the former duchy of Anhalt.

The Evangelical Church of Anhalt is affiliated with 214 churches in approximately 150 parishes in central Saxony-Anhalt. In December 2008, the church had 47,277 members,[1] making its membership the smallest among the member churches of the Evangelical Church in Germany. In 1922, by contrast, the church counted 315,000 parishioners; at the time, it was the twelfth-smallest of Germany's 28 regional Landeskirche.[2] The ordination of women has been allowed.


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