C (S-train)

C is a service on the S-train network in Copenhagen. It serves the Klampenborg radial and the inner part of the Frederikssund radial, and also reinforces service on the outer part of the Frederikssund radial in high-traffic period.

Service C is one of the base services on the network, running between Ballerup and Klampenborg every 20 minutes from about 5:00 to 1:00 every day. Between about 6:00 to 19:00 on Monday to Saturday it runs every 10 minutes, and in this period half of the trains continue from Ballerup to Frederikssund. On Friday and Saturday nights there is also a 30 minutes service throughout the night.



The C service was created in 1950 when the service between Ballerup and Holte (see service B) was split into two in order to make the timetable correspond better in Vanløse. Ever since then C has been primarily a Ballerup service.

Name Southern end Years Northern end
C Frederikssundbanen:
all stops to Ballerup
1950–1955 Nordbanen:
all stops to Holte in rush hours
1955–1963 as above except non-stop Hellerup-Lyngby
1963–1964 as above, but ran daytime Mo-Sa
1964–1972 as above, but ran all day Mo-Sa
to Ballerup, non-stop Vanløse-Herlev 1972–1973
daytime Mo-Fr as above, otherwise all stops to Vanløse 1973–1979 as above, but only daytime Mo-Fr
Cc to Ballerup daytime Mo-Fr, non-stop Valby-Vanløse-Herlev 1979–1989
C Frederikssundbanen:
all stops to Ballerup
all stops to Klampenborg
all stops to Ballerup; some daytime trains to Frederikssund Sep 2007-

Note that from 1979 to 1989 both Cc and C services ran.

Until 1979, in the time C ran to Ballerup but not to Holte it ordinarily terminated in Hellerup. These trains were routinely extended to Klampenborg on Sundays where the weather was good enough to attract more passengers than the ordinary service could transport.

Between 1972 and 1979 the stopping Ballerup service was called H.

The rush-hour service Cx ran from 1966 to 1993:

Name Southern end Years Northern end
Cx Frederikssundbanen:
to Ballerup; non-stop København H-Herlev
1966–1972 terminated at Østerport
to Ballerup; non-stop København H-Jyllingevej 1972–1977 Nordbanen:
to Hillerød; non-stop until Holte
1977–1989 as above plus stop in Lyngby
to Ballerup; non-stop Valby-Jyllingevej 1989–1993 terminated at København H
Superseded by service H+
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