H (S-train)

H and H+ service trains at Farum in 2007.

H is an S-train service in Metropolitan Copenhagen, Denmark that serves mainly the outer part of Frederikssundbanen, running partially non-stop between Ballerup and Flintholm. It is one of the six base lines of the S-train network, running every 20 minutes all days from about 5:00 until 1:00. It is the only base line in the network whose frequency is not doubled in the daytime; instead approximate 10-minute service on the outer part of the radial is provided by extending some trains on service C from Ballerup to Frederikssund.[1][2] On Friday and Saturday nights there is also a 30 minutes service throughout the night.


Following stations only during rush hour.


H as a service letter was first used in 1972 for a service that was designed to be extended to Hareskovbanen, which is probably the reason why this letter was chosen. The service letter disappeared in the 1979 timetable, but was reinvented in 1989.

Name Southern end Years Northern end
H Frederikssundbanen:
all stops to Ballerup
1972–1977 terminated at Østerport
1977–1979 Hareskovbanen:
all stops to Farum
service letter unused 1979–1989
H Frederikssundbanen:
to Frederikssund, non-stop København H-Valby-Vanløse-Herlev-Ballerup
1989–2002 Hareskovbanen:
all stops to Farum
as above, plus stop at Husum 2002–2004
as above, plus stop at Flintholm 2004–2007
to Frederikssund, non-stop Vanløse-Herlev-Ballerup and Måløv-Veksø 2007-2009 terminated at Østerport
Dec 2009–2011 Hareskovbanen:
to Farum rush hour Mon-Fri; non-stop Ryparken - Vangede - Buddinge and in Skovbrynet;
otherwise terminates at Østerport
to Frederikssund, non-stop Valby-Flintholm; Vanløse-Husum; Herlev-Malmparken and Måløv-Veksø[3] 2011-

A limited-stop daytime line called H+ ran from 1993 to 2007, initially superseding rush-hour services Cx and Bx on the Ballerup and Farum radials:

Name Southern end Years Northern end
H+ Frederikssundbanen:
to Ballerup, non-stop København H - Valby - Vanløse
1993–1995 Hareskovbanen:
to Farum, non-stop Østerport - Ryparken; Emdrup - Buddinge - Bagsværd -Værløse
to Ballerup, non-stop København H - Valby 1995–2000
to Veksø, non-stop København H - Valby 2000–2001
2001–2002 as above, plus stop at Vangede
all stops to Frederikssund 2002–2007 as above, plus all stops until Emdrup
Replaced by extended C and A service from September 2007


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