For the moth genus, see Cicia (moth).

Location in Fiji

Coordinates: 17°45′S 179°18′W / 17.750°S 179.300°W / -17.750; -179.300Coordinates: 17°45′S 179°18′W / 17.750°S 179.300°W / -17.750; -179.300
Country Fiji
Island group Northern Lau Islands
  Total 34 km2 (13 sq mi)
NASA Geocover 2000 image

Cicia (pronounced [ðiˈði.a]) is a Fijian island of the Lau Group. One of the Northern Lau Islands, Cicia is volcanic and is composed of raised coral. Its area is 34 square kilometres (13 sq mi).

Cicia is inhabited and has an airport, Cicia Airport. The Australian magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) was introduced to Cicia in order to control coconut pests and is now endemic to the island.

There are five villages on the island namely: Tarukua, Mabula, Lomati, Natokalau and Naceva.[1]


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