Ogea Levu

Ogea Levu (pronounced [oˈŋea ˈleβu]) is a coral island on a barrier reef in Fiji's Southern Lau archipelago. With an area of 13.3 square kilometers, it is situated at 19.18° South and 178.47° West, 10 kilometers east of Fulaga. It has a maximum altitude of 82 meters.

The people of Ogea are known for their happy and carefree approach to life, and love laughter and merry-making wherever they are gathered. They work hard in their daily lives, mainly in planting root crops, and fishing in their rich fishing grounds around both their islands which are surrounded by magnificent reefs and coral atolls. The chief of Ogea is traditionally known as the Matua Tabu i Tui Nayau, Tui Ogea (Sacred Elder of the Tui Nayau, the Tui Ogea).

The story goes back to the olden days when the paramount chief of Lau, the Tui Nayau, who was staying in Waciwaci, Lakeba at the time, was prevented from conquering Ogea by a warrior named Bai Yadrena. He could not be subdued in war, so the Tui Nayau then approached him traditionally to surrender as all of the Lau group had given their support to him. Bai Yadrena then gave in and asked if he could be clubbed to death with his own club and, in return, that the chief of Ogea would be held in high regard by the Tui Nayau. It was done and the title was then given, Matua Tabu i Tui Nayau.

Coordinates: 19°9′S 178°25′W / 19.150°S 178.417°W / -19.150; -178.417

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