Tuvuca (pronounced [tuˈβuða]) is a small island off Vanua Balavu in Fiji's Lau archipelago, it is a densely wooded and inhabited island and rises 800 feet (240 metres) above sea level at the highest point. There is only one village on the island. Tuvuca has untapped deposits of phosphate.

Chiefly titles

Tuvuca is part of the Tikina of Lomaloma and the chiefly title of this island is held by the Tui Tuvuca, which is generally held in personal union by the reigning Turaga na Rasau.[1] The Village Chief of Tuvuca holds the title of Ramasi,[1] it was this chiefs ancestors who gave the title to the Rasau of Lomaloma because he brought peace to Tuvuca and stopped a long-standing feud.[2]


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Coordinates: 17°40′S 178°49′W / 17.667°S 178.817°W / -17.667; -178.817

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