Bundesautobahn 293

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Bundesautobahn 293
Route information
Length: 7 km (4 mi)
States: Lower Saxony
Highway system
  • Roads in Germany

Bundesautobahn 293 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 293, short form Autobahn 293, abbreviated as BAB 293 or A 293) is an autobahn in Oldenburg in northwestern Germany. It connects the A 29 with the A 28.

Exit list

Coldewey (planned)
Mittelort (planned)
Grossenmeer (planned)
Loy (planned)
(7) Oldenburg-Nord 4-way interchange
(8) Oldenburg-Etzhorn
(9) Oldenburg-Nadorst (Nordtangente)
(10) Oldenburg-Bürgerfelde
(11) Oldenburg-West 3-way interchange

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