Bundesautobahn 210

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Bundesautobahn 210
Route information
Length: 29 km (18 mi)
States: Schleswig-Holstein
Highway system
  • Roads in Germany

Bundesautobahn 210 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 210, short form Autobahn 210, abbreviated as BAB 210 or A 210) is a route that connects the federal state capital of Kiel to Rendsburg. This route serves to further ease the ground transportation route from Kiel to Schleswig and into Scandinavia.

Exit List

(1) Osterrönfeld
(2) Schacht-Audorf
(3) Rendsburg 4-way interchange
(4) Bredenbek
Rest area Hasenmoor/Naunordsee
(5) Achterwehr
Ringkanlbrücke 80 m
Straße-und Bahnbrücke 100 m
(6) Melsdorf
(7) Kiel-West 4-way interchange
(8) Mettenhof-Süd

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