Bundesautobahn 96

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Bundesautobahn 96
Route information
Length: 147 km (91 mi)
Major junctions
Southwest end: Austrian border (A14) near Lindau
Northeast end: Munich
States: Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg
Highway system
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Bundesautobahn 96 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 96, short form Autobahn 96, abbreviated as BAB 96 or A 96) is a motorway in southern Germany, leading from the Austrian border (A14) near Lindau (Lake Constance) through Memmingen, Landsberg am Lech to Munich. Two European routes lead through the autobahn: E 43 and E 54.

It was first planned to build a direct connection between Munich and Lindau before World War II, south of Ammersee. During the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, a section from Munich to Oberpfaffenhofen and Germering was built. A 25 km (16 mi) part of the road during those games were used for the road team time trial cycling event.[1]

The last two-laned section, from Wangen-Nord to Leutkirch-Süd, was upgraded in 2009.

Exit list

A 14 Austria

(1) Lindau border crossing
(2) Lindau
(3) Sigmarszell
(4) Weißensberg
(-) Neuravensburg
Talbrücke Obere Argen 730 m
Rest area Humbrechts/Ettensweiler
Talbrücke Untere Argen 390 m
(5) Wangen-West
Tunnel Herfatz 440 m
Untere Argen Brücke
(6) Wangen-Nord
Untere Argen Brücke
(7) Kißlegg
Rest area Winterberg
Autobahnkirche St. Gallus
(8) Leutkirch-Süd
(9) Leutkirch-West
(10) Leutkirch-Nord Aichstetten
(11) Aitrach
Illerbrücke 100 m
Buxachtalbrücke 320 m
(12) Memmingen 4-way interchange
(13) Memmingen-Nord
Memminger-Ach-Brücke 380 m
(14) Memmingen-Ost
Rest area Parkplatz-WC
(16) Holzgünz
(17) Erkheim
Tunnel Kohlbergtunnel 598 m/602 m
Rest area
(18) Stetten
(19) Mindelheim
(20) Bad Wörishofen/Türkheim
Wertachbrücke 80 m
Rest area
(21) Buchloe-West
(22) Jengen/Kaufbeuren
(23) Buchloe-Ost
(24) Landsberg am Lech-West
Services Lechwiesen
(25) Landsberg am Lech-Nord
Lechtalbrücke 270 m
(26) Landsberg am Lech-Ost
(27) Schöffelding
(28) Windach
Talbrücke 270 m
(29) Greifenberg
Tunnel Eching 380 m
Amperbrücke 70 m
(30) Inning am Ammersee
Rest area Martinsberg
Tunnel Etterschlag 500 m
(31) Wörthsee
(32) Oberpfaffenhofen
(33) Gilching
(34) Germering-Süd
(35) Dreieck München-Süd-West
(36a) München-Freiham-Süd

Partial interchange (from/to Munich)

Tunnel Lochham 280 m
(36b) Gräfelfing
(37) München-Blumenau
(38) München-Laim
(39) München-Sendling
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