Biharia Euroregion

Map of Biharia Euroregion

Biharia euroregion (Romanian: Euroregiunea Biharia, Hungarian: Biharia Eurorégió) is an euroregion located in Romania and Hungary.


Largest cities

City Population Metro Country
Oradea 206,614 260,000  Romania
Debrecen 205,084 237,888  Hungary
Hajdúböszörmény 32,228 N/A  Hungary
Hajdúszoboszló 23,695 N/A  Hungary
Balmazújváros 18,615 N/A  Hungary
Hajdúnánás 18,185 N/A  Hungary
Salonta 18,137 N/A  Romania
Marghita 17,291 N/A  Romania
Berettyóújfalu 16,227 N/A  Hungary
Püspökladány 16,126 N/A  Hungary
Hajdúhadház 13,001 N/A  Hungary
Beiuş 12,089 N/A  Romania
Săcueni 11,665 N/A  Romania
Hajdúsámson 10,946 N/A  Hungary
Aleşd 10,852 N/A  Romania
Valea lui Mihai 10,317 N/A  Romania
Ştei 9,466 N/A  Romania
Derecske 9,086 N/A  Hungary

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